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Strange Developing Trigger Foods

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  • Strange Developing Trigger Foods

    Has anyone else had issues with foods that sat well with them earlier in their IC diagnosis that have recently become flare foods?

    I was diagnosed with non-ulcerative IC mid last year and found incredible relief/full functionality by avoiding trigger foods. They were oddball ones that I would have never suspected if I took the IC diet list by it’s word. Some of these are olives, grapes, bananas, blueberries, etc. that were listed as “absolutely safe”. By following my own personalized list and using Prelief for any acidic foods and monthly bladder treatments, I was fully functional for a solid few months.

    Around late last year, though much of my own detective work, I came to the conclusion that almonds were a new food. I can handle every other type of nut and was able to eat almonds during my non-flare season just fine. The reason I was driven to make this post is because I just deduced this week that VANILLA is a new trigger food of mine. Vanilla. The one thing that has been screamed to high heaven about being a comfort in the IC community is now another mark on my long list of foods to avoid.

    I haven’t found any rhyme or reason in the links of which foods bother me. My urologist insists that seeking an allergist or dietitian to close that gap would be pointless and that I should use bladder treatments as my main source of recovery. Has anyone else had this type of issue?

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    to the IC Network.

    The IC diet isn't 100% for all ICers, but it's a good starting point. Sometimes the only way to identify problem foods is by keeping a diary.

    Stay safe

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