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Essential oils and IC, anyone use or ingest them?

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  • Essential oils and IC, anyone use or ingest them?

    A dear friend of mine is trying to help me and thinks that the Young Living brand of essential oils and the many various oils they make to ingest will help me. I was just wondering if anyone had used essential oils for IC? What works, what doesn't? Also, has anyone tried the Vitality line of oils from them that are safe to ingest to know if they cause bladder flare? I obviously want to do anything to feel better, but cautious as I've tried so many things in the past that left me with pain and regret. I also have IBS, Post Cholecystectomy syndrome, psoriasis and most recently dealing with a lot of hip and low back pain from arthritis. I take so much medication that I'm also scared to add anything else to the mix as well as just not wanting to get my hopes up again for something that isn't going to do anything. Thanks in advance