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Premade Chicken or Vegetable Broth - confused about yeast extract

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  • Premade Chicken or Vegetable Broth - confused about yeast extract

    I'm looking for a premade IC safe Chicken or Vegetable broth, and I'm confused as to whether the ingredient "yeast extract" is safe. In the IC Optimist 2012 Diet publication (sold on the IC Network shop) yeast extract is listed under "foods to avoid" because of the small amount of naturally occurring MSG in yeast extract. But I've just received the IC Chef Cookbook from the ICN Shop and it says that Swanson Chicken Broth is usually well tolerated. I also saw a post from ICNDonna here on the forum from back in 2010 that says the same thing about Swanson Chicken broth. However, I just checked the ingredients for Swanson Chicken broth and "yeast extract" is listed. So I'm a bit confused that two publications from the ICN shop have conflicting information in them about this ingredient. Which is correct?

    I know that many people make their own broth (and many other things) from scratch, but between severe IC, Pelvic Pain, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and severe IBS, I'm in terrible pain and exhausted every minute of the day, so I'm not able to make things from scratch.

    Also if anyone knows of a brand of premade hummus that is IC safe (no lemon or citric acid) , I'm also looking for that. But I don't think it exists.

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    Making chicken broth isn't much more labor sensitive than opening a can --- all you need to do is put some chicken in a pot with water and salt and boil it until the chicken is done. Donna
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      Thank you for your reply Donna, but I don't always have access to fresh chicken. I can make it myself as you instructed when I do, but it would help to have something premade in the cabinet for when I don't. So, since the Swanson Chicken Broth is mentioned in the IC Chef Cookbook that was edited by Jill Osborne I'd still like to know the answer, since yeast extract is listed as a food to avoid in the IC Diet publication which also seems to have been edited by Jill Osborne.


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        I’m pretty sensitive, but the yeast extract doesn’t seem to be a problem for me. It ‘s all of the other additives and mostly soy that is present in most prepared foods these days that cause problems. The chicken broth I can safely eat is by Simple Truth brand, Organic Free Range chicken broth (low sodium). Just add more salt to your personal taste. I buy it from Kroger which isn’t in all 50 states, but they have products for shipping. I hope this works for you!


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          Imagine is a brand that doesn’t appear to have yeast extract, but I haven’t tried it yet. They do have natural flavoring, so be aware if that’s a problem for you, but hopefully it is a small enough amount so as to not cause pain.