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Prune Juice????

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  • Prune Juice????

    Hello everyone.I know that there are a lot of different foods,drinks,juices,and etc that i-c patients are suppose to stay away from.Well I was wondering if Prune juice is one of these items that you should stay away from? My mother whom is the i-c patient drinks prune juice everyday to keep her bowels open.But I am just wondering does prune juice have any adcidity in it or has anyone else had a bad flare up off of prune juice?
    Thank you

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    Prunes and prune juice is a big NO for me and many of my friends.


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      If your mother is experiencing full time pain, it might be a good idea to skip the prune juice for a few days to see if it helps.

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        I agree with Donna on skipping prune juice for a few days to see if that could be causing it.



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          Thank You all for your advice.I really appreciate it


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            I am not good myself at staying on the IC diet but I try...but one thing I absolutely have to do and I am religious about it is I drink lots of water every day and I stay away from fruit juices and fruit. Actually the only thing I ever drink is water, and sometimes I may have a lemonade or sprite occasionally when eating out, but I don't drink those on a daily basis. I had a terrible cold and cough recently that lasted for weeks and just would not go away despite antibiotics and lots of other meds., I drank orange juice for a few days hoping it would help...well it helped bring on the IC symptoms. So, no more OJ for me!!

            Maybe your mother could eat Bran cereal instead of the prune juice. My mother eats her Bran every morning to stay regular.