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Without vitamins pills-how to get vitamins

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  • Without vitamins pills-how to get vitamins

    Hi, hi
    I can't take any vitamins pills. They are causing a lot of pain. How can I get necessary vitamins ( mostly C and E )? What suggestions can you make?

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    I am the same way. If you want to take Vitamins you need to buy them separate. Not Multi. And, with Vit. C you need to get Ester C. (low acid) I can't take any B-vitamins at all. I think you just need to experiment? Hope this helps...

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      Good question Olga, I was just today wondering the same thing.
      Does anyone have problems taking iron?

      In the past I've needed to take vitamins with extra iron for my vitamins are an irritant.


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        Food is the best solution. You might wish to try buffered C, though. Read Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle by Amrit Willis, RN.


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          Dr. Robert Moldwin discusses vitamins in his book, "The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide."

          If you don't have this book, I encourage you to get a copy. It's available from the IC Network and is not expensive. If you go the pull-down Browse Our Site menu at the top of this page you will find the link to Shop - Books and More.

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            My husband and I are trying to get pregnant so I'm on Prenatals. So far they've been ok. I'm taking Precare chewables. The Vit C in it is Ester-C.

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              although my doc seesm to think i have PFD....i still have known bladder irritants. Some foods/drinks make me tender or increase frequency. My bladder has definetly changed sincce i had that UTI in august. For example, i have not experienced frequency since November, yesterday i took a centrum coupled with Trident gum (contains aspartame) and guess what?? I had frequency last nite. I was peeing every 30 minutes from about 5pm-11pm! Needless to say, i take only EsterC and Quercetin with Calcium. I am fine with that. I rely on foods for my supplements.
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                For C, I load up on red peppers (and green bell peppers) and colliflower....all good sources of C. I can tolerate the ester C that is in my glucosamine, but i havent ventured to a "just C" supplement yet.

                For vitamin E, I would imagine that you should be able to take that. It is not acidic, and is actually very helpful with inflammation. If you get an all vegetable capsule, you may be able to handle it.

                Iron does not bother me, thank goodness, I do need a supplement of that once in awhile. My doctor always warns me that iron might be irritating though.....which is interesting, because he has given me other supplements that he could NOT warn me about that flared me bad!!

                It is very important as ICers that when we start playing with our diets, we make sure we are still getting all our nutrients. I know that when I was first diagnosed, I changed my diet so much, it was lacking in protein and zinc, C and vitamin Bs. Bs are hard to get....I can NOT take a B supplement... but I have found some all natural fortified cereals and cereal bars and such that are helping. And let me tell you......making sure I get all of those nutrients has made the BIGGEST improvement in how I feel overall....when I made a concious effort to add more B vitamins, my fatigue was GREATLY decreased, and I just felt better overall. To me that was fascinating.

                It is very frustrating to watch your diet so closely for IC irritants only to learn you need to watch it so closely for nutrients too!! I hope this helped a bit. Best of luck.
                Big hugs,
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                  Hi Rachel, hi
                  Would you please tell me what brand of vitamin E do you use?
                  What brand of natural fortified cerals and cereal bars do you use?
                  I feel fatigue all the time. My doctor said that I have to take vitamins but these pills are a big NO for me. When I read that your fatique was greatly decreased I thought I hope it will help me too.
                  Thank you for your message. I will be waiting for your reply anxiously.
                  My hugs,


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                    Hi everybody, hi
                    Thank you for all your information you gave to me.
                    My hugs and best wishes to all of you.


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                      Have you tried whole grain Total cereal? It has vitamins, and doesn't bother my IC.