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  • ICchell
    Thank you for posting all that about coffee.I gotta try it.

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  • froglady
    wow coffee I'll have to try your recipe and I miss coffee

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  • MakinIT

    Yup tends to be my problem too. I have expensive tastes. Also...another thing to try that I think is talked about in the IC cookbook mentioned on this site is cold water extracting your coffee. It was one of the ways I drank coffee in college and it was very good.

    I'm trying to remember how to make it......Ok..I found the cookbook :a taste of the good life (Better than my somewhat scary could be adding whiskey by the time you're done if it was something I made in college:blink:

    1 1/2 pounds ground coffee (try decaffe first if you want to...Also get GOOD coffee, nothing in a can)

    2 C. cold water

    1 qt sized covered container, prefer glass or ceramic
    1 1/2qt covered container, preferglass or ceramic, and can seal airtight

    1 large strainer, colander, or filterholder of a drip style coffee maker

    unbleached coffee filters.

    put the gound coffee in 1 qt container and add 2 C. water, stirring to make sure allcoffee gets wet. cover and place in fridge undisturbed for 18 hours.

    Removed and uncover, strain the grounds and liquid through a regular mesh strainer just to get most of the grounds out. (It will be murkey with fine grains still in it. line the strainer or colander or filterholder with coffeefilter.

    Slowly drip the murkey mess through the filter, this may take a 1/2 to an hour to get a clear concentrate that is sediment free. when it is donestore in fridge in air tight container. Makes about 1 cup of concentrate.

    To make a cup of Joe, measure 2 TBSP of concentrate into a cup. add 3/4 c. of boiling water.

    1 cup of the concentrate will make about 8 cups of it is a bit expensive...

    The recipe recommends using decaf but I tried the caffiene first batch and it didnt' bother me, but I did buy low acid bean just to give the concentrate a head start. Remember, everyone is very different. The caffiene maynot bug me, but really bothers other people. (course, I drink no pop at all, only alittle coffee now and again, water, and herbal teas that are no darker than my own pee color. my own self imposed rule. Gross but it works.)

    REcipe says the concentrate lasts 1-2 weeks in an airtight container. (Mine doesn't last that long when I make it. Cause my husband likes it too, so it gets drank rather quickly.)

    Anyway...I always bought this stuff on my way to class in college, a huge cup of it on my way to 8:00 AM classes (talk about murder, ugh) and that stuff ran through my veins stronger than my blood. (I had them make it extra strong, like 4 TBSP per 3/4 cup)

    Good luck, eh

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  • ICNDonna
    Actually, it's probably both. I do manage to drink low acid decaf with no problem, but I do suggest it be approached with caution.

    There are many different brands of low acid coffee. I have found some at Trader Joe's, Starbucks, and many others. I personally like the most expensive one best


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  • ChefGrl84
    is it usually the caffeine or the acid that causes people pain? because i thought my doc said to stay away from caffein and then someone told me that it isnt the caffeine it was the acid in i am confused now.. or could it just be both that might make people have problems?


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  • MakinIT
    coffee find

    good news!! I sure miss my coffee....I've had this dreadful pain in the pelvis disease for nearly a year and I still go to the coffee pot in the morning and just sniff, sniff, sniff.....I miss you it so much..."sigh". I will definately continue my quest for the perfect blend without the owie in the bladder.


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  • classics
    started a topic Low-acid coffee

    Low-acid coffee

    I found some low-acid coffee on line. You can order both regular and decaf, dark roast or regular and also ground or whole bean. So far I tried the dark roast decaf and it was very good. I chose the whole bean because I recently brought a coffee ginder to grind up my flaxseeds.

    When I first gave up coffee, I wasn't sure if it was the caffeine or just the acid that was causing me problems. It ends up it's both, so I was happy to find a coffee that was both decaf and low acid.
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