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  • dietary supplement to gain weight

    I have lost 20 pounds in the past year, which I couldn't afford to lose. One hypothesis is that it is due to the heavy duty narcotics I am taking, but pain doc scoffs at that. (His nurse, however, told me that narcotics do cause loss of appetite). Around T'giving, I became deathly ill with stomach pain, complete loss of appetite and frequent bowel movements that would indicate I was not digesting my food properly. Lost another 5 pounds. Took massive amounts of antibiotics which left me very toxic. While I'm not as sick as I was, I can't gain a single ounce. I am forcing myself to eat. Some days I barely choke down 700 calories. Today I had the double scopes done (oh, joy!). GI doc said he thinks I probably had a stomach parasite and that things are gradually getting better since I'm no longer losing weight and the stomach pain seems to be decreasing. Hmmmmm--me wonders what exactly I had, but he doesn't know. Not h. pylorii bacteria which I had 2 years ago--he did do the test for that. He thinks I'm on the mend. Anyway, long about way to ask this question: he told me to take a dietary supplement to gain weight, such as Ensure. However, every single diet supplement that I can find has Vitamin C or ascorbic acid or some other IC yuck thing that I can't tolerate. My husband did find soy protein powder that I know I can eat with cereal, etc. Also, my sister-in-law who is a nurse suggested that I try some powdered milk as an additive to regular milk for some added nutrients.

    I hate sugary drinks because 1) they fill me up so quickly and 2) I try to stay away from sugars as much as possible. Any ideas anyone as to what I might try? Carnation Malted Milk, vanilla, is IC tolerable, but one cup and I'm stuffed for hours; it's sickening sweet. Thanks for your suggestions!

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    I drank Boost when I had jaw surgery and it didn't bother my bladder at all.

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      Were you checked for Crohn's disease? It can cause the symptoms that you are have, such as frequent bowel movements and weight loss.


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        Darlene, how do you check for Crohn's? Wouldn't the GI doc have ruled that out? thanks!


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          When I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, my doc was also trying to rule out crohn's disease. He did a colonoscopy - and it was my understanding that the colonoscopy would detect the crohn's. I could be wrong - but that's how I remember it.

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            Yorkiegirl, you would need an upper GI and a colonoscopy with biopsies to check for inflammation. Crohn's can affect any part of the gastrointestinal system, and often causes weight loss if the small intestine is involved. You need to know the cause of the weight loss instead of trying to increase calories to prevent it. Have you had a stool culture? It would tell if you have parasites or a bad bacteria. If you have, and it came out negative, you need further testing to find out what is going on.