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Eating fruit in the tropics?

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  • Eating fruit in the tropics?

    Hi, I am going on a vacation to Mexico and was wondering if anyone knows what kind of tropical fruit may be ok to eat. I realize that most fruit is acidic but thought because it is fresh maybe some would be ok to eat occasionaly. Also the hotel make their own yogert. Has anyone tried homemade yogert with any luck? Thanks Carol

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    It really depends. I've been to Mexico twice. Both times it was through Royal Carribean. So I actually wasn't staying there. But I avoided all fruits and their water.
    Even when I would order a taco salad, certain burritos, etc..I would ask them to leave off lettuce and such. A friend of mine had one little piece of lettuce on her meal and got disentary. (sp?)
    But there should be something for you that's ok.
    Maybe someone from there can tell you.
    It's really fun. You should have a great time.
    Take care.
    Tons of support,

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      I totally agree about the bottled water. I can find many tropical fruits in our markets in Oregon --- you may find the same where you live. If you do decide to try any of the fruits, my suggestion would be to purchase them whole and wash before peeling. I can get away with papaya and mango, with prelief, but I think you should try them well before your vacation just to be sure. You don't want to ruin a perfect vacation with an IC flare.

      Sending an encouraging hug,
      Stay safe

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        Great question Carol!!!!!!!! I think planning in advance is great.

        Hmmm.... I agree... peeled fruits are the way to go. Mangos, Papayas, Pineapples. They rarely bother my bladder either.

        Also, I learned a huge lesson in Hawaii. NEVER EVER swim in local rivers or ponds. When I was 18, I was playing in a tennis tournament on Kauai in Hawaii with family who live there. My young counsins took me to a waterfall on a small river where you could slide over the falls and into the lake below. But, what they didn't tell me was that the water was filled with parasites. I did it once... ended up swallowing a ton of water, and just 24 hours later...was toast. Had to drop out of the tournament just before the finals... barely made it home with massive dysentery.... and struggled for months to get it killed. There is nothing more embarassing for a teenager than to have to leave a fecal sample, eh?

        Oh... but destiny wasn't done. I returned to Hawaii again a few times. The last time was ten years ago... just after my IC started. Had a flare and went to the hospital. This lovely elderly doctor told me to not go above my shins at any beach in Honolulu. I asked why.. but she didn't explain. Just told me not to swim at all in the ocean. Well, I didn't until the last day. Went snorkeling with another cousin... and, you guessed it, got another parasite. This time from the parasite ended up in my inner ear. When I ended up in the ER the next morning, the doctors said "We see atleast a dozen tourists a day with this. It's from the sewage that is pumped into ocean off Waikiki... that the tide brings back into the beach."

        So.... water is a theme, eh??? I admit that I have no desire to return to Hawaii at all. The desert sounds a bit safer to me.

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          Thanks for the quick replies girls. I am leaving on Tuesday, so I won't have time to try anything before I leave. The resort we are in is very clean and they put out a fruit platter every morning for breakfast so it's all peeled. I will be careful though. Do you know of any drinks ie fruity bar drinks that might be ok once in awhile. I have been feeling pretty good over the last week, but this weekend I have pain again. Hard to figure out what has triggered it, but I don't want to go away in pain like this so I am resting today, hope it helps! Carol


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            Hi Carol,

            You got some great advice above! What part of Mexico are you going to? We went to Mexico this summer and stayed at a gorgeous (and VERY clean) 5 star resort...ate all their food and drank the water with absolutely NO problems. I think it also depends on where you're staying and the reputation of the resort or hotel.

            Bon voyage!

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