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Can olive oil help?

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  • Can olive oil help?

    I noticed that one of the ingredients in a product available to help IC has olive kernel oil in it.

    I also saw a recommendation on this site to put olive oil on your salad.

    I used olive oil on my salad yesterday and today for lunch, and it seemed to ease the dull pelvic pain I'm having. I can't get into my doctor until Monday, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this will help!!!

    I'm going to try a spoonfull of olive oil with my supper later on....

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    I use quit a bit of olive oil when sauteeing. I don't think I have noticed it bothering my that much. I also use the Pam Spray with olive oil. It is very light. Try it!!!

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      It really did seem to help

      After a couple of days it didn't help as much though. Seems like my body learns a way around something that helps right now.

      I'm still using olive oil in whatever I can though.