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  • apricots, microwave popcorn

    Hi, the okay foods list includes apricots. Does this include dried apricots? Has anyone tried a particular brand? I'm hitting my boredom level with honeydew, blueberries and pears. When I tried half a Gala apple I had a 12-hour flare. Also, has anyone tried microwave popcorn? I haven't had any trouble with corn products so far but am very wary of any prepared foods. Thanks for any input.

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    Hi and welcome Fletcher to the boards. In answer to your question about apricots, I have never tried the dried, but I can tolerate the regular ones. I can also tolerate the Gala apples, and I think they are the lesser acidic apple, so sounds like your IC does not like apples much. Cannot help you with the popcorn question though, I am sure you will get some good advice from the other gals, and our few guys here. You have come to the right place for input on IC, plenty of information, support, and caring ICers. Welcome once again, take care Iris. hi
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      I love popcorn, don't eat the microwaved stuff often but when I have it hasn't upset the bladder at all.
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        I can eat microwave popcorn too. I stay away from the too salty ones though.



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          I buy the 24 pack box of microwave popcorn. We eat a lot of it in our house. I get the low fat and it doesn't bother me at all.

          If apricots don't bother you, the dried ones might be okay --- I would read the label carefully.

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            I eat lots of microwave popcorn too!!

            I dont know about apricots, but as far as dried fruit, I go for the non~sulfered if I have a choice. I dont know why, I just think I tolerate it better.

            Hope this helps.
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              Hey, Fletcher!
              Thanks for asking this... Now I'll be braver to try the microwave popcorn I've got in the cabinet

              I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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                I don't know about the apricots. My daughter can't handle them and she doesn't even like them anyway. But, they do cause problems for me.
                As for the popcorn, microwave popcorn really bothers my daughter. So, we bought a air popper. One that doesn't need oil or anything. Then, since she loves garlic, I put garlic olive oil in a spray bottle and spray the popcorn with it. She loves it. And, it seems to be more healthy than the microwave popcorn.

                The things kids say!


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                  You could try canned apricots.


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                    I can eat a small amount of microwave popcorn, without a problem. As for popcorn at the movies, I flare terribly. I won't touch that again.

                    Heather, thanks for the tip on the air popped popcorn. I just bought an air-popper and will try the garlic olive oil in a spray bottle.



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                      I can eat popcorn without a problem, but I make my own (presto popper). That way I can regulate the salt, which seems to bother me (and of course I crave salt). I think preservatives are an irritant too - which are in the fake butter flavor. The fiber in the popcorn is a good bonus though.

                      I'd personally beware of the dried apricots simply because they usually treat them with preservatives/acid to keep them from spoiling. Unless you dry your own.....

                      One thing I've learned about this diet, what bothers one may not bother another - and vice versa. AND what doesn't bother me one day may another - and vice versa.


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                        Hi...I have no problem with microwave popcorn (except diarrhea) and dried fruits don't bother me either. I am with you on the apples tho...I cannot tolerate any kind of apple...just another food to cross offfrom the list of best loved foods... spaghetti sauce, coffe,pizza... Best of luck to you in your quest for new and exciting non painful foods! grouphug
                        Wishing you the best, today, tomorrow, and always! Sheri G