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  • coffee

    I know it's bad. Somebody please tell me what I want to hear. Can I drink decaf?
    I'm so angry about the "new diet". I feel like I'm suffering enough and now I have to go without things that I love.....sigh.
    Soon I will stop feeling sorry for myself.

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    Unfortunately, it's not the caffeine that's the problem --- coffee is acid and can be an irritant. I don't know if Kava instant coffee is available in Canada, but if it is, you could give that a try. And if you follow the diet and begin to feel better, you can give coffee a try to see if it bothers you. Unfortunately it does most ICers.

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      I would not be able to drink decaf. I have been getting the herbal coffee like drink from the website. It gives me my fix of something hot in the morning to drink at the office. I even heat up carob powder and milk and add it to the coffee like drink with a bit of vanilla and it kinda tastes like a mocha. I know its not the same as coffee, but I am finding that my tastes are actually changing, adapting to my new diet.


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        I can't drink coffee of any kind. I have tried some of the coffee substitutes and those even bother me. We are all very different and you will just have to try them to see if you can tolerate it. Good Luck,


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          I can drink coffee. Only every once in a while will I have caffeine in mine. I try to drink decaf with two prelief before. And I don't drink it every day. For me that was the hardest to give up. I am someone who drank 2-3 cups of regular coffee every day for the last 14 years. But the diet is trial and error with everyone.



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            Thanks for the info.
            I'm going to try other hot drinks.
            I have never heard of Kava but I'll look around.


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              Hi, I understand your frustration!

              My understanding was that it is both the caffeine and the acid that is problematic for IC. At any rate, I have heard that dark roasts are lower in acid. And try just having a very weak cup of coffee; I take a measuring spoon and do 1 level tsp. of coffee grounds in a cone filter. I then add evaporated canned milk which is especially yummy.

              Also there are some non-coffee beverage powders out there that are delicious. One is Cafix and another is Inca. Use with caution tho as just about anything can be an irritant when you are really flared-up.

              Hope this helps!


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                I'm sorry but i don't drink coffee my biggest thing to give up was my soda's but i have heard some of the other lady say they can drink coffee once in a while with prelief. you can give that a try and good luck. grouphug
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                  Oh I love it! I am a manager at Starbucks and I do drink decaf beverages made with decaf espresso roast and it doesn't bother me too much. Both light and dark roast coffees can be high in acid. The african coffees (dark roast) are very acidic, but most others are lower. I don't want to sound like I am pushing our coffee beans, but only to help all of us on limited diets-decaf sumatra/sumatra/sulawesi/verona/decaf verona are the lowest-but still are a bit acidic. Hope this helps!

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                    Oh how I understand! Coffee is the hardest thing for me to give up when I flare.

                    In the past I've been able to bounce back after a few weeks and have a cup a day with Prelief (2-3 tablets)and some half and half. Right now I'm not bouncing back as quickly...I've been without coffee for about a month now. At least the "withdrawal" headaches are gone


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                      when I am not in a flare I can drink decaf with half of the cup milk and 2-3 prelief. Hope this helps!


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                        Hi, hi
                        I miss coffee so much. Every morning on the weekends I take a one sip of coffee from my husband'cup. It tastes so good. I always like the smell of grounded fresh coffee and always smell it. That is all I can do. You can buy a Toddy Maker in specialty store which specializes in coffee and tea. This is a coffee-making device that uses cold water to extract acid from coffee. I used it for a while. Coffee doesn't tastes the same but it is still coffee. I stoped to use it because it was still an irrintant for me. May be you will have a good luck with Toddy Maker.



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                          I wasn't able to drink coffee when I was in a near-constant flare. I could handle certain kinds of tea if I wasn't flaring badly. Once I started seeing improvement, I was able to drink decaf coffee again. Now I can drink regular coffee so long as the brew is not really strong. In any case, I have to remember to drink enough water afterward to flush the coffee out of my system or it can sometimes cause temporary vulvar burning.

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                            I'm not a big coffee drinker, so I don't drink it that often, but when I do, I have a small Starbucks vanilla latte decaf, and my bladder lets me get away with it. Once, I had a latte at someplace other than Starbucks, and had pain.
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                              I miss coffee. I had some tonight, and I'm in pain!!! I have a feeling that it's going to be one of my biggest triggers........... scream