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    I read on the Bottled Water site that Deer Park had a high PH, but when I tested some it was not the case. I think Deer Park water comes from a number of sources. Maybe someone can check it out. It was a surprise to me and a disappointment. Ratchada

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    Water is one of those things that can sneak up on you if you don't watch it. Before finding this website, water and acidity levels of it never crossed my mind, and believe me, it really does make a difference. I have had a terrible flare from water.


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      I was drinking bottled water for about a year when I came to this site last week. I was thinking, "I already drink bottled water." Gosh, was I ever wrong! I tested my water, and it was acidic. I started drinking EVIAN and I can feel the difference in just two days!!!! Try the evian, really.


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        I drink Evian and Aquafina, both are on the alcaline side. I tried Dannon Water and thought I was peeing acid eek


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          I got pH strips and here are my findings on my tap water, Evian and Deer Park.

          Tap - pH 6.8-7.2
          alkalinity low-medium

          Evian - pH 7.8-8.4
          alkalinity high

          Deer Park - pH 7.2-7.8
          alkalinity medium

          I still want to try Poland Spring and Aquafina. Ireally don't like the taste of Evian, but it definitely has helped.

          Hope this helps. Erin
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            If you are super sensitive, you want to get as close to 7.0 (neutral) as possible. 6.5 to 6.7 is about as close as you can get. Like Donna said, you want to make sure you are getting Spring Water and not Drinking Water--which usually comes from a city water supply. There is one brand that comes from the city water supply of Ft. Worth, Texas.

            My tap water is fine on pH, but I cannot handle the added chlorine and its high concentration of minerals. Mineral content may be a factor that some people are forgetting. It is also hard to isolate.

            I personally had trouble with Sparklet (sp) and Ozarka, among others. Some people may not be as sensitive as I am. Dannon was also a problem. I found a regional water that I can drink without problems. It is Music Mountain. If you want to check some of the bottled spring water in your area, you can call the company and/or you can test it yourself with litmus paper or a pool supply kit.

            I have noticed that many of the regional glacier waters are close to neutral. Evian is wonderful for me, but too pricey.

            This is an area where you will have to experiment if you believe you are having water related problems. I was getting unexplained burning and finally traced it to the water I was drinking.


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              Thanks every one for the input, I called my local City water company and they said that the PH level is out city water is 8.2 does that sound to good to be true. Erin I called Aqafina and they siad there PH was between 5.6-7.5 so I am not sure how else to check.

              Thanks again

              Stacy blink


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                Thanks Erin
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                  Use litimus paper or a pool test kit. 7.0 is neutral. The lower the number the more acid, and the higher the number the more alkaline. I found my litimus paper at the pharmacy. Swimming pool supply outlets should still have the pool test kits.


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                    I got mine at the pet store, near the fish tank supplies.
                    I agree, Evian is expensive, but right now I have been pretty good except for period time. So I'll just work some more hours to pay for my water habit lmao
                    I'll stay on the search though for the perfect water.
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                      Looking around the fish tank supplies is a good idea.

                      I never dreamed that changing the brand of bottled water that I was drinking would make such a difference. In my situation, it was an instance of putting together the final piece of a puzzle. I must have a super sensitive bladder. I realize this is not as much of a problem for other people.


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                        You are right. Deer Park bottles their water at different sources in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

                        From what I have seen:
                        Pennsylvania sources PH = 5.5 (500 times more acidic than PH = 8.05)
                        Deer Park, Maryland source PH = 8.05

                        So if the source is not stated Deer Park, Maryland on the bottle, you may want to consider buying something else if you are wanting a higher PH than 5.5.

                        Some others spoken of in this tread.
                        Evian PH = 7.2
                        Aquafina PH = 7
                        Ozarka PH = 6.56
                        Sparkletts PH = 7.3
                        Poland Spring PH = 6.5



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                          All I drink is bottled water, interesting perspective.. we usually buy what is on sale, Dannon or aquafina or Sam's club brand... oops, i also drink peppermint decaff.. thanks for the info.
                          Kelly Anne
                          Kelly Anne


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                            I'm pretty new at this;just recently diagnosed. Kind of confused about the acid/akaline thing with water. I drink filtered refrigerator water at home but bottled water from a cooler at work and have always noticed that I have more discomfort at work. So I bought some tests strips this morning and tested water brought from home, water from the water cooler and Walmart brand spring water from a gallon container using the fishtank test strips.

                            Water cooler- tested bright pink (approx 8.4)
                            spring water- tested pale orange (somewhere between 6.2 and 6.8)
                            refrigerator water-med orange (between 6.8 and 7.2)

                            Am I correct in my thinking that the water cooler water is irritating because of the high akaline content? Or is just that it's not as close to neutral as the other two? According to the chart on the test strips 6.2 is acidic and 8.4 is akaline. I was thinking the lower the number the more acidic so the higher number was safer. Guess I need to bruch up on my high school chemistry!! Any simple clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much.


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                              Be careful!!!

                              I just wanted to add my two cents that sometimes it is not just the WATER itself, but other additives.....

                              for example, Aquafina is NOT spring water, it is filtered city water, and for that reason (much like Dasani) I cannot drink it. (This could be the case with your office water, Carolyn.)

                              Also, pH can be somewhat decieving. It is not JUST the pH that the product is while it is OUTSIDE your body, its how it is metablolized after you eat/drink it!!! So while pH testing is a good idea, its not the answer as to weather you can tolerate something or not.....the true answer is a trial of the water/food. While pH is a good starting guideline, it doesnt count for allergies or additives.

                              Hope this helps a bit!!
                              GOod luck.

                              And just to add my water favorites, I stick to this Mountain Spring Water from Pennsylvania that is more alkaline that poland spring. When I run out of that, or Im out and about, its Poland Spring or Evian.

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