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    Can I get some ideas of what people drink in the morning? I am so addicted to caffeine and know that is my biggest reason for the pain (acid in coffee). I have given up so much in my diet because of other illnesses but caffeine is one I am struggling with. Anyone have suggestions?

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    Have you tried reduced acid coffee? Kava is an instant one that is available in most large grocery stores --- or Trader Joes also carries a low acid coffee. Some can tolerate it with Prelief.

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      KAVA is great stuff... it has a robust flavor
      and actually tasts just like COFFEE lmao
      I am one of the lucky ones and was able to switch back to coffee without any proplems
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        I couldn't imagine a life without coffee, now I drink Postem in the morning. I use the same anount of sweetener that I did with my coffee. It doesn't have the punch that coffe has but it's better than pain ID like to try Kava again but it's so hard to give up if it gives me a flare. Sue.


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          Thanks for the help. My life is not that easy though. Wish it were.
          I tried the reduced acid coffee. It still bothers me. Kava and I believe Postem have barley in them. I have celiac so I can't have barley.
          Tried prelief with the coffee but I still have a problem.
          Keep those ideas coming.


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            Can you tolerate milk? There's a hot beverage mix that I like and tolerate well called Creme Brulee, The Beverage. It is a dry mix that comes in a tin. The ingredients are: raw sugar, whey, non-fat dry milk and vanilla. You simply mix it with hot milk. The taste is that of creme brulee dessert. It is made by Herb Patch of Vermont and is available on their website ( listed under cocoas though it doesn't contain cocoa)and I have also found it in some specialty stores in New England. A Google search should list some of these sources that offer online ordering. It's not coffee or a grain-type coffee substitute and has no caffeine, but I find it to be a very tasty and comforting beverage.

            Hope this helps you!


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              Just saw this reply today. Thank you. I will look for it.