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what to eat during a severe flare??

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  • what to eat during a severe flare??

    I am totally perplexed about what to eat. I am in the worst flare in years and I seem to be getting more and more sensitive to things that I never reacted to. Help!!! What do you all eat in a flare??? Thanks for the help!!!


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    When I'm in a flare, I go back to the basic foods that are listed as okay on the diet list --- and take Prelief with anything that goes in my mouth. Six to eight glasses of water a day is a must for me, especially in a flare.

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      You may laugh, but in a flare, I eat bagels and cream cheese. That seems to be the most mild for me. I also, like Donna, must drink lots of water and I also drink Almond milk because I feel as though it is very soothing for me.

      Besides the almond milk and the water, I drink NOTHING else....Im much more sensative when Im in a flare that when Im not!

      Hope this helps a little bit.
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        When I am in a bad flare, I also have to go back to basics. The standards I can eat always are white rice, bread/bagels, and potatoes. A baked potatoe always seems to sooth my bladder.

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          I'm still fairly new here, but I've learned a lot. In a flare I drink nothing but Evian water, and lots of it.

          For food I eat oatmeal, whole grain bread and organic chicken. All bland with no spice. And I can use butter. And broccoli doesn't seem to bother me either. I stay with this bland diet until the burning stops. Also, I take prelief with everything.

          Hope you are feeling better soon.


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            I agree with everyone above -- lots of water (to keep the "flow" going easier) and things that are gentle on your bladder (unfortunately very bland foods!!)...rice, plain bagels, plain chicken, steamed broccoli, crackers.

            Hope you're feeling better soon!

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