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    Has anyone tried rooibos red tea? My sister told me about it and I did some research and it looks like a great healing tea. Says that it is an antitoxant and also antispasmatic, among other good things. But I don't know if it is acidic. I didn't want to try it without running it past you all. Thanks to all who answer, this site has been sooooooo helpful to me!
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    I can't drink it. It makes my frequency/urgency worse. My boss was into it for a little while, but then started developing diarrhea. She stopped drinking it too.

    if you ant to try it, maybe have a little bit at first, or water it down. I take prelief when I am unsure if something is too acidy and this helps me.



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      I have had rooibos tea with no side effects. I love it and save it as a treat. Remember, too much of anything may cause ill side effects. I ordered some chai spice rooibos from an online company.


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        I can drink this tea in moderation. I drink 90% evian water, but a little of this tea doesn't seem to bother me. I buy the plain tea and add things if I am in the mood. I found that many of the teas have hidden read the label and make sure what's in the tea.
        Good luck with it. Let us know how you do.


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          If you find Yvette around here, she might have some input...

          She turned me on to red roobios because I was a HUGE tea drinker before IC. I like it; but as Cynthia Ann mentioned, too much of anything has side effects. I had one cup and was absolutely fine. I liked it so much I kept making cups from the same tea bag all that afternoon. It is a dark red tea, so the bag seemed as though it always had tea to make! I had NO symptoms from one cup. After two or three though, my frequency started to increase. TOo much of a good thing wink

          I agree, start slow and water it down. I also use my bottled water for tea as well. I think this helps.
          Good luck,
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