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Mayo ok for IC??

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  • Mayo ok for IC??

    Help... I want some tuna so bad but the only way I can eat it is with miracle whip.... I would love to have some of it but I am scared... Has anyone out there used miracle whip without a flare up and without taking prelief... which by the way, I think I need to invest in some of that.... Thanks

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    we are all so different with food triggers.. it may bother and some it don't. I rarely eat tuna, but the other day I actually ate a sandwhich. I think you should be ok if you don't over do it.
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      I use it, but take prelief before hand.. good luck
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        Definitely use caution with it, as it can bother some and not others, just as everything else. It does contain acid etc, and do try just a small amount - and if you have Prelief, try that with - and see how it goes. No point feeling miserable over a tunafish sandwich, lol. I know there are quite a few who mix theirs up with some cream cheese to keep it "together" for a friendlier sandwich!! Good luck and keep us posted!
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          You can mix it with cream cheese to make it hang together. I add a tiny bit of mayo with the cream cheese.

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            Cottage cheese or cottage cheese run through the blender (add some herbs for seasoning, too, if you like) makes a decent mayo substitute. At first I couldn't tolerate mayo at all, but now, after several years of helpful treatment, I can have mayo if I don't overdo it.

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              I like to mix veganaise brand substitute into my eggs before I scramble them or to make a salad dressing, but I'd been avoiding it because it contains soy stuff. I added some of it to my eggs over the weekend and had no problems. It does have apple cider vinegar, though, so watch out!


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                I could use a mayo if I don't overdue it.
                Cream cheese? Think I'll try it next time I have a tuna sandwich.