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  • Peanut butter recall

    I know that not all of us can eat peanut butter, but I just found out about a recall on Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butters that start with 2111 on the lid. They've linked it to salmonella. Here is a link to the FDA recall:

    Thought I'd post it for those of us who are OK with peanut butter and/or those who have it at home for the family. Better safe than sorry.
    ~ Stacey

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    thank you for the info
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      Thankfully, we buy Jif brand peanut butter -- when I saw this, I freaked out thinking my hubby's recent food poisoning episode might be related to his consumption of peanut butter, but we don't buy that brand...

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        Thanks - I saw this mentioned on the local news this morning right before leaving for work. I usually either use Jif or sometimes the good value, lately though its been Jif.


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          Thank you so much for the info!!! I will go home and check my containers. Me personally, I use the Smucker's All Natural, but the rest of the gang in my house prefers the sugared type, and we usually buy Jif. So, thank you for the tip!!!
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            thanks for the info.. wow that is scarey.. my ds eats pb.. usually skippy.. but he just finished a bottle of that...
            Healing thoughts



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              Peter Pan is my hubby's favorite. We have a big jar here that is probably 3/4 eaten. It is the recalled kind. I think we're OK, though. We've had an upset stomach off and on - just slightly. Makes us wonder. I was just talking with my mom who buys the low-carb peanut butter. She said it's Peter Pan and it was also affected. Who would have thought this would be an issue for peanut butter of all things?
              ~ Stacey


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                Stacey, I suggest you take the peanut butter back to the store where you bought it for a replacement and not eat any more of it. It's best to play it safe. We eat Jif.

                Stay safe

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                  We are definitely not eating any more. I have a jar of Jif that I use for baking, so if we need peanut butter, we'll go with that for now. My philosophy is always better safe than sorry with this kind of stuff.

                  I did find somewhere online information on where to send the lid of the peanut butter to the company for a refund. I actually bought it a month or two ago. I'm not sure if I'll send the lid or not.
                  ~ Stacey


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                    Thanks for the tip-Hadn't heard that, went and checked and sure enough we have been eating on it. That jar is going in the TRASH!!!
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                      My hubby heard the report on the news and since we always put peanut butter in my dog Mollie's kong, he wanted to know what kind of PB I use. I told him it was Jif. So he felt better. I can't remember the time I saw him so worried. He was worried I could have been poisoning "his" dog!

                      I checked the jars of PB that we have at work and they are Jif as well.


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                        I don't think I've ever bought Peter Pan in my life but I made sure I called my mom and she said she had a jar downstairs in her pantry so she was going to check the code on it to see if it was safe or not. I called her back and said "It's Peter Pan." She was so confused, "What's Peter Pan?" "The peanut butter mom!" I had told her earlier that my mil had seen the report on tv but didn't remember what brand it was, by the time I called her back she had already forgotten about it.

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                          I have 4 jars of the "whipped" Peter Pan peanut butter and yes... one is 1/2 gone. Yes, they all have serial numbers starting with 2111

                          My only symptom I've had is a really bad flare- the worse I have ever had! Related?? Or not?

                          The bummer about this is that I had my sister in FL buy this brand for me and ship it to CA. I'll write the company and get my money back.


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                            Stacey, thank you so much. We also have a jar of this peanut butter with the number on it. My daughter have been getting abdomen cramps but not rest of the stuff. Yes the jar is almost half empty too. That is scary of not knowing of this until now. Again thank you so much for the warning and letting us know about it.



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                              I have 2 jars of the Great Value (one is 3/4 of the way gone) and 1 jar of the Peter Pan with the 2111 numbers on them. Just the other night my husband was eating spoonfuls of the peanut butter!! He never got sick so we are soooooo lucky!!! I will be taking them back to Wal-Mart tomorrow!!!
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