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  • a couple of questions...

    I work at Starbucks full time and love my job, but I have read where ic patients are affected from breathing in certain chemical products (household cleaners...) Does anyone think that I breathe in coffee everyday (I smell of it when I get home) that it could affect my bladder. I have been in so much pain lately. Also, I was told by my uro not to eat potatoes because of their high potassium level (he told me that potassium irritates the exposed nerves in your bladder), but yet I have seen a lot of recipes that are ic friendly that use potatoes. I have been in three flares since the holidays and am to scared to try anything new, but am getting frustrated with the limited diet.
    Thanks everyone!

    Peace, Love, Health, and Happiness!

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    Hi Alana!
    The holidays are what did me in as well. I had been pretty lucky before that and always bounced back, but this time I didn't when I read the list of ok and not ok foods from this site, I was amazed - I had switched my diet for the holidays and had been eating ALL of the bad stuff! Now it seems like EVERYTHING irritates it. I understand how you feel. You begin to look at everything suspiciously wink

    I can't tell you whether or not breathing the coffee would actually hurt you or not though, sorry. I can just commiserate! Besides, being around that coffee all day and not being able to drink it would be enough for me right now!!! I MISS my coffee!!! (With Prelief of course....