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For new patients, Safeway shopping list

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  • SharonA
    Congratulations, Kadi. You so deserve this honor and acknowledgment for your wonderful post. Well done!!!!!!!

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  • sacausa
    that's a great idea Kadi, awesome!

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  • kadi
    I've not tried jicama, but I'd love to hear from other IC-ers who have tried it. It would add a nice crunch to a salad

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  • Ausi
    ic grocery list

    Thank you for this helpful grocery list

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    Safeway Shopping List

    Thanks for the shopping list. Have you ever tried Jicama?

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  • topcop229
    So nice of you to take the time to give us this list! It's great for any store, I'm sure, and new IC patients as well as "veterans." Thanks!!

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  • kadi
    My mom who has IC can eat the regular grocery store brand. For me (I'm more diet sensitive), I get some at the health food store with no preservatives. The brand has the word, "morning" in it, but I can't remember it exactly. I've not bought any in awhile, because I eat too many at once.

    Sorry, wish I could be more help

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  • jlynn

    Thanks so much for the list. What about graham crackers?

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  • SandyRN
    This is a great list and I think it's transferrable to just about any store. I have to buy for kids and for a bf who don't have IC and it's so hard to only think of ME when I go shopping. With this list I can make my own shelf in the pantry for this kind of stuff, and tell everyone else they can have the entire rest of the kitchen! Even though I've had IC for years now, this is a HUGE help to me!


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  • Judy Gee
    Safeway Diet

    Hi, my name is Judy and I just wanted to thank you for you "Safeway" list of foods. Safeway is one of my favorite stores but I do have to travel about 25 miles to get to one. Nevertheless, it's worth it when I can get just what I need and want. Thanks for the tips. Judy Gee

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  • kadi
    started a topic For new patients, Safeway shopping list

    For new patients, Safeway shopping list

    (I am giving the IC Spirit Award to Kadi for this extremely helpful post outlining things in the grocery store that are likely IC-safe. The IC Diet can be very confusing to newbies, and even some who've had IC a while, and this post makes it easier to find safe foods. This took a lot of time and effort to put together, and Kadi has shown real empathy for her fellow ICers by putting it together and posting it for all of us. --Sarojini)

    Hi all,
    Just thought I would put this out here as another patient asked for this today. When I first got sick & went on the diet, I remember being utterly exhausted & nearly in tears standing in the grocery aisles at Safeway, trying to read labels & realizing I could eat maybe only 5% of what I used to...

    By trial & error (and the great list of foods Jill has for us, look under "Diet & IC" in the Patient Handbook linked at the top of this page), I figured it out and when my mom got IC a year & a half later, I gave my dad this list to help him shop for her.

    Not every IC patient can tolerate 100% the same foods, but my IC is very diet sensitive, so hopefully what's on here will be helpful to others...


    Safeway Grocery List

    Red bell peppers
    Pears (all types)
    Raisins (I'm ok with them, some IC patients are not)
    Potatoes (all types, including sweet potatoes & yams)
    Marie's Lite Creamy Ranch dressing (I use less than a teaspoon on the side of the salad, dip my fork into it before each bite of salad, & take Prelief with it)

    Fresh carrot juice (I mix this with the pear juice & lots of ice)

    The main thing here is to make sure the meat has not been injected with saline solution, broth, or lemon juice (or anything else for that matter!)
    Ground beef (93% lean)

    Deli Counter
    Safeway Dinner Roast Turkey
    Primo Taglio Roast Beef

    Cracker/Cookie aisle
    Original Triscuits
    Original Wheat Thins
    Lund---- (can't remember how it's spelled) Brown Rice Cakes (plain)
    Original Pringles
    Original Fritos
    Classic Lays potato chips
    Safeway Organics Microwave Popcorn (no flavors, just the plain one)
    Pepperidge Farms Chessmen cookies
    Nilla Wafers
    Teddy Grahams (cinnamon or honey flavor)--I can't eat these, but my mom who has IC can.
    Nabisco Original Premium Saltines

    Nonfat milk
    Knudsen cottage cheese (single serving containers only, the bigger containers sometimes have preservative)
    Original Philly cream cheese--in the block, not tub (tub has acidic preservatives)
    Tillamook or Kraft Mozzarella Cheese (Tillamook for slices, Kraft for shredded)
    String Cheese (can't remember brand)
    Land o Lakes Butter with Canola spread (be sure to get the one with the red top)
    Eggland's Best eggs (have extra omega's in them, a plus)
    Some IC patients can tolerate yobaby vanilla yogurt (wish I was one of them)
    Kozy Shak Rice or Tapioca puddings

    Cereals & Mixes
    Quaker oats
    Bisquick (get some pure 100% maple syrup to go with the pancakes!)
    Jiffy corn muffin mix

    Baked Goods
    I buy only the things in the special shelves for local bakeries that do not use preservatives or go to Trader Joe's!

    Valley Fresh Premium Chunk White Chicken in Water
    Del Monte Lite Pear Halves
    Rice Dream Vanilla Classic rice milk

    Frozen green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, corn
    Dreyers Vanilla ice cream (slow churned/less fat)
    Dreyers Caramel Swirl ice cream (slow churned)

    Werther's Original Hard Candies
    PepOMint Lifesavers
    Kit Kat White Chocolate

    Teas & Coffees
    Some IC patients are best off with just plain hot water & honey for a hot drink, but for those that can tolerate it, these are mild
    Plain peppermint tea
    Plain chamomile tea
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