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confused about vitamins in food and supplements

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  • confused about vitamins in food and supplements

    Hi, maybe this is a silly question, but why is it bad to eat supplements that contain vitamin B and C, but it is OK to eat the foods which are rich in these vitamins? For example, I read in some IC book that I should eat salmon and tuna for vitamin B, and I do love salmon and tuna, but it just seems that they make my IC symptoms worse. Maybe not as bad as when I take a tablet, but I wonder if I should avoid EVERYTHING that contains vitamin B and C.

    Sorry I sound confused, I am just trying to figure the diet out (and am having hard time with it!)

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    As the saying goes, "Food is the best medicine." To directly answer you question, supplements contain other elements than just the vitamins or minerals you seek. These elements could include sugars.

    Another issue is that food contains vitamins and minerals in a particular proportion with other elements. One should not expect to simply extract a certain element and expect it to be the same as having taken the whole.

    Look up information from Dr. Sebi on herbs or Amrit Willis on supplementation.


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      Vitamin C is "ascorbic acid." As an acid, it WILL irritate the bladder of most IC patients. Vitamin B6 is a similar irritant. So, if you need Vitamin C, it's better to eat Broccoli than to take a supplement which will be high in acid. The same is true for B6.

      Bev Laumann's book "A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an IC diet" has a great section on vitamins which explains why foods are irritating AND gives a list of foods that will provide the vitamin but will not irritate the bladder. You can buy that book at:

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        While I understand your point, I am still puzzled by the fact that these foods (salmon, tuna, brussel sprouts) still irritate me... I understand they have a lower concentration of the vitamins, and that they don't have other chemicals like supplements do, so.... why do they irritate me? I suppose that this is just the way it is for me frown


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          Can Iron tablets irritate IC?

          Can iron tablets cause IC to flare? Anyone have experience with this? Thanks for any reply...


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            Fish bothers my bladder also, not sure why, but I have talked to others that have the same problem. I can't understand why milk bothers my bladder, yet I can have all the ice cream I want with no problem.


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              I too have such a hard time with the ic diet. Your'e used to eating a certain way for a long period of time and all of a sudden you get this awful disease and you have to rearange your eating habbits completely that youv'e been used to since you were a kid!! It's soo frekin' hard! I think especially because I'm hispanic, I loved spicy food!! I always will. Every time I have a taco,it never really tastes right unless there is lemon and hot sauce in it. Of course most of the time I resist but somedays I just have to cheat! I hate the consequences!!!