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    Can anyone recommend a brand of cereal that is IC friendly.

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    I don't know if its okay for most IC patients or not, but I can eat about any kind of cereal. Been eating a lot of it lately (trying the whole diet thing ) and none of it has bothered me. I eat mainly Cheerios, Lucky Charms and Honey Bunches of Oats with almonds. I stay away from any kind of chocolate cereal.


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      I can eat pretty much any cereal, too. If you are having trouble with it, there are some more popular ones now that make organic varieties...maybe you could try one of those and see how it works.


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        I basically live off of Cheerios, Special K (vanilla almond), and Gorilla Munch; occasionally I eat Mini Wheats.
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          I can't eat any of those cereals. The added minerals & vitamins or BHA/BHT preservatives kick my IC into high gear.

          At Trader Joe's I get the plain Shredded Wheat
          At Whole Foods, I get Barbara's Shredded Wheat, Nature's Path Honey'd Corn Flakes, New Morning Oatios.

          At Safeway, I get plain Quaker Oats in the canister.

          Hope that helps!

          I am not a medical authority nor do I offer medical advice. In all cases, I strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.

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          -Continuous use birth control pills (4-5 periods/year)
          -Heparin/Marcaine/Sodium Bicarb home instills at night 3-4x per week, more often if needed
          -Pyridium if needed,
          -Pain medicine at bedtime daily, as needed during the day several times per week
          -Antibiotic when doing an instillation to prevent UTI
          -Colace & SmartFiber to treat chronic constipation from meds, Fleet enema as needed
          -Dye Free Benadryl 50 mg at bedtime
          -"Your Pace Yoga: Relieving Pelvic Pain" dvd, walking, treadmill at gym
          -Managing stress= VERY important!
          -Fur therapy: Hugging the cat!


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            I eat trader joes brown sugar shredded wheat, kashi autumn wheat, barbaras peanut butter puffins, mothers toasted oat bran, theres a graham cracker tasting cereal from mothers too but I dont have the name off hand.


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              Real porridge/oatmeal (the sort that takes about 10-15 minutes to cook with lots of stirring), made with water or milk & unsweetened, seems to soothe my bladder. Hope you find one that you can eat.


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                cereals that I can eat

                hey there... I have I.C. and I have found that I can have the malt o meal brand of frosted flakes, raisin brand, and honey nut cheerios... Good luck..


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                  I think Oatmeal is a great choice...

                  because, 1.It's very good for you....lowers Cholesterol (if you have a problem with HChol)2. It gives you a good deal of fiber which we all need, esp. since the pain meds 'stop us up'. 3. You can add fruit to it, i.e. fresh blueberries (frozen too, but they make it very runny), pear bits and whatever other fruit you can tolerate and...4. It's pretty cheap compared to those boxed cereals. I love the low sugar apple cinnamon (Quaker). I eat two packages (makes one big bowlful) and haven't had a problem with it, I.C.-wise....but I would think the plain kind (that you have to actually cook..ugh! is best).

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                  -Gastrointestinal allergies to nuts and shellfish - {I would like to know if there is some connection of gastro allergies to I.C.?}
                  PTSD (sexual abuse by teenage boy when I was 4 and s. abuse by adult male who was friend of my Dad's - my parents still don't know)
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                  -Hydrodistention and Cystoscopy w/ biopsy of tissue in bladder-2003
                  -DX'd with Epilepsy -2000
                  -SSS (Selective Sound Sensitivity)-wear earplugs most of the time to screen out certain noises
                  -DX'd with Fibromyalgia (2006)

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                    Oh I love oatmeal, I eat Quaker Raisin and Spice every morning and yes it helps if you are taking pain meds that make you where you cant go...

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                    Topamax,Tofranil, Elmiron, Atarax, Cymbalta, Elavil, Enablex, Detral La, Prydium.
                    Lexapro< Bad reaction to this med!
                    Intstills, could not continue them due to some kind of reaction after 3rd instill. Tasted the lidocaine in my mouth, tongue and lips went numb then went into what seemed like a panic attack. Shaking, racing heart, tingling face/head, blood pressure shot up..

                    Dx With IC in Nov 2006 with Hydro/Cysto
                    Hydro/Cysto Caused Bladder to Rupture.

                    Other Dxs-Vulvodynia,Fibro, Endo, IBS, HPV, Migraines, Spastic Colon, Mild Dysplasia.

                    ICN Volunteers are not medical authorities nor do we offer medical advice. In all cases, we strongly encourage you to discuss your medical treatment with your personal medical care provider. Only they can, and should, give medical recommendations to you.


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                      trader joe's has trader o's that don't contain vitamins and minerals also rice krispie cereal from erwens brand. puffins honey rice cereal as well. warm cereal like buckwheat is good for this cold weather with milk and allspice and honey or stevia which I use.
                      not yet dx with ic-diagnosing myself as of aug 2006
                      diagnosed ic-october 5 2006(huh just what I thought)

                      cod liver oil (for vitamins a and d)
                      bladder is not getting worse but maybe better
                      diagnosed ibs-september 27, 2006
                      don't know if it's ibs or some other underlining condition. hair loss, weight loss, constipation
                      all this even though I eat.
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                      Realy toxic and sick
                      Dental almagams removal and chelation for heavy metal toxins and candida cleansing as soon as fillings are out
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                        Thanks for the suggestions.