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    I was reading a post in the diet section last week and it mentionned almond milk. I thought I could try vanilla and warm it up instead of coffee. I am now in the worst flare I have ever had and that is the only thing I can think that caused it. Has anyone ever had a flare due to that?

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    Dear Melissa: I read the almond milk too. Just bought some today. Have just drunk my 2nd. 4 ozs glass prior to bed. I drink nothing but copious amounts of RO water. I want this to work. Tasty, isn't it? I don't know yet. I have a very sensitive system and things feel rather different. I will let you if I flare. Will know by the morning. Sorry you're in a flare. Another reminder that IC has many faces. A new e-mailer friend was telling me about friendly bacteria in buttermilk. All trial and error but these flares can be very unforgiving. For what it's worth, hang in there. Katyy, with her fingers crossed!


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      Thanks for the response, Katyy. I hope it didn't cause you a flare. I am still flaring like a forest fire, but am trying to remain positive and hopeful that it will go away soon!!!! TAke care!


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        What brand of almond milk are you buying? I bought some but it didn't taste very good.


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          I purchased Almond Milk (Almond Breeze) and tried it lastnight. I also had a flare from it..Not the worst I have ever had but it did keep me up most of the night. It had to be the milk because I had kept on my IC Diet all day and did not start hurting until I drank the milk. I did notice that Soy Lecithin is in the ingredients and I have a very big problem with soy. I usually do not post but thought this might help someone else.


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            I know there has been a lot of discussion lately about almond milk. I would NEVER try it as I am extremely allergic to almonds and had this allergy for 25 years before developing IC. For those of you flaring from the almond milk, have you ever been tested for food allergies? I realize many ICers tolerate almonds well but, for those of us who don't, could it be an allergic reaction to the almonds causing the flare? Nut allergies are rather common in the general population. I certainly don't have the answer to this but thought I'd bring it up for your consideration. Do you tolerate almonds ok but react only to the almond milk? That might indicate whether you are reacting to the almonds or another ingredient in the almond milk.


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              Almond milk (Almond Breeze) continues to give me total and complete relief from urethral pain. Not bladder, just urethra. I can't tolerate nuts generally, gives me canker sores and can't tolerate soy either except an occasional veggie burgie but for whatever reason, I have no trouble at all with this. I love the flavor too. At first I had to drink 4 oz. every 4 waking hours but I don't have to use that often now to maintain a pain-free urethra. Incidentally someone posted about calcium helping with spasms. I can't tolerate citrate or carbonate but started calcium lactate and lo and behold, wiped out the spasm issue too. I can tell when either the calcium lactate or almond milk wear off. Now if I can just find something to help the bladder. But 2 out of 3 is a great start!

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                almond milk flare

                I have been trying a no wheat, no dairy, no sugar diet for the last couple days to see if it helps and I've been in so much pain since I started! But reading this now I think it's the almond milk I've been drinking because it's the only thing I can think of that I've had all three days so far (usually my food-induces flares only last a day.)
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                  It has to be another one of those things that bother some people, but it is really helpful for others. I, like Annie, would like to know if those of you who are bothered by the almond milk are also bothered by the almonds. Maybe, like Annie said, it is an allergy to the nut itself. It will be interesting to find out.

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                    I switched to almond milk about 6 mos ago.. I have been in horrible pain, but no more or less than I was with soy milk.. so I don't know if I can attribute it to it.. although the almond milk is much more expensive I am so sorry it caused you a flare
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                      Have bought some almond milk yesterday and since drinking it my I've had no pain - except for maybe a very slight spasm once today. Normally after I pee in the morning it's like fire in my urethra (...weird image, soz) but today it was NO pain! I even had sex this morning (sorry again if this is over share) which normally brings on the burn too but nothing I'm praying that it lasts. Urethral pain is my only symptom (still undiagnosed) so I'm reallly praying this clears it up

                      Just thought i'd add my bit

                      Good luck everyone xx PIX


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                        Almond breeze has carrageenan in it (as a thickener) and that causes irritation for a lot of people. I won't buy products that have carrageenan in them, although I'm pretty sure it is in most frozen yogurts, and I can indulge in that now and then with no noticeable effects. I think that the vitamins they often add to plant based milks might also be an irritation for me.

                        I was planning to make my own rice milk this summer, but haven't gotten around to it yet. Years ago, I made my own almond milk by putting almonds, water, and sugar in the blender and then straining it.

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