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    I do the majority of my shopping at whole foods. They have really good choices. Its sad butI find myself their atleast twice a week. Things that i always buy are:

    *fresh ground meat. i will fry that up in a pan(no grease at all)and put over baked tostitoes with organic mozz cheese and shredded lettuce. thats a fun snack.

    *Thai noodles. Only ingreds are rice and water. I make those and put on lettuce bibs and put grated carrots, mushrooms, and bean sprouts(20%vit c) toss in olive oil and eat it like a wrap. Hey, low calorie

    *Tostadas shells(bearitto brand). Put grilled chicken , lettuce, cheese. For those who can tolerate refried beans (i cant), that would be good.

    *i buy what they call the naked rotissarie chicken they have b/c no seasoning on it. they have spelt wraps. i will put some mozz cheese and lettuce in it.

    *raw almonds, cashews, tuna in a can (only ingred. is tuna, water), cashew and almond bars. (brand name is Boomi Bars). A good snack that i love but need to stop eating b/c it high in fat is popcorn with no oil or salt.(brand name is bearrito) I put melted buttet and mozz chesse on it. so yumi

    *I buy califlower and boil it up real good and then mash it like mashed potatoes. put a dab of milk and butter and again mozz cheese. really good. just like potatoes with out the carbs.

    *I bought sea bass the other day for a change. A fish high in protein. just basted it with olive oil and grilled it.

    *edamama beans(im sure i spelled it wrong)

    *Dessert in the bakery part. Caramel delights i believe their called. So good with like maybe 5 ingreds that shouldnt be a problem. I do think cocoa powder is onthe top but very little to those who can tolerate.