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Fetticine Alfredo anyone ?

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  • Fetticine Alfredo anyone ?

    Hi Guys ! hi I know that we cannot eat aged cheeses but what about fresh parmesan ? I want to make some fetticine alfredo but I'm not sure if the parmesan would be ic friendly. Thanks!

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    I haven't had any problems with aged parmesan. It really is trial and error with the diet.

    I personally do not have problems with cheeses. But acidy foods like tomatoes, citrus, coke, and coffee really make my symptoms worse.

    Whenever I am eating something that is questionable as far as acid goes, I take prelief and this helps.

    Nicole blink


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      I love the stuff! It never has bothered me before. But who's to say at some point it might trigger a flare..??
      The stuff is so fattening that I only treat myself to it from time to time.
      It might be fine for you. It's all about trial and error.
      Maybe you'll be ok and get to keep it on your "eat w/o flaring list."
      Tons of support,

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        I eat parmesan cheese, but I also take a Prelief just to make sure, Iris. wink
        Today and every day you are loved, so don't be anxious about tomorrow, God will take care of you tomorrow; Live one day at a time.


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          I LOVE Fettucine Alfredo. That is my middle name lmao . It doesn't flare me at all.

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            Here is the "official" Olive Gardin Alfredo recipe, I swear you will no thave to go spend $12.00 a plate anymore! from


            1 pint Heavy Whipping Cream (do not skimp out, half & half, 2% etc will not work!) skimp on the dessert instead!

            1 stick of butter

            2 Tablespoons Cream Cheese (Neaufachatel is great 1/2 the fat of regular cream cheese).

            1/2 - 3/4 Cup Real Grated Parmesan cheese (buy it in the block form).

            1 tsp. Garlic powder

            In sauce pan combine butter, heavy cream, & cream cheese. Simmer this until melted and mixed well. Add Parmesan and Garlic powder. Simmer this for 15-20 minutes on LOW, the longer it simmers the better it will taste, be careful not to scortch it, as it will, if left unattended.


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              Where all diffrent. try a small amount and see. I care. read, write and pray often. hope it works for you.
              Sue C.~
              [email protected]


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                MMMM I love Olive Garden...will have to pass the recipe on to hubby and make demands. wink
                Mommy to 2 crazy, wonderful kids and wife to the most amazing man in the world!


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                  I use almost all Mozzarella cheese and put in a little Parmesan for taste. I use the fresh, pre-grated pre-packaged Parmesan, not the one in the green can-like container. Parmesan is a very strong cheese to begin with and you do not want it concentrated. You can get the block and grate it yourself, if you wish.

                  Based on my experience, the dish is much more bladder friendly if you do not use all Parmesan. I have good luck using whole milk and a little flour put in the butter as it melts--instead of cream and cream cheese. I also have to watch the calories.


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                    Hi Miss Mary! I LOVE parmeasan, and add it to noodles. I don't eat a lot at any one time. Can you try it out by itself first? See how you react? Then if you are good, there shouldn't be much else in the alfredo that causes you difficulty.

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                      WOW! What great replies ! I LOVE this place !


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                        Hi Jessica,

                        Wow, that recipe sounds too good! Hope it agrees with ICers. Thanks for posting it. Tilly


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                          Just remember that Parmesan is an aged cheese.


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                            I love fettucini alfredo and luckily it doesn't bother my bladder. (However it seems like everything else does lately!!!) banghead Thanks for the recipe!
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                              Speaking of Parmasen Cheese. I used some today for a recipe I got from the IC recipes on the IC network. I used a little more that I should have and it was aged! So now I am in a flare and I really looking forward to have a great sleep ........NOT!!!! So I guess I will be tired again on Monday Then to top it all off and I knew I shouldn't have done it, but I did. I had a raspberry dressing on my salad. Then after that, ( you would think I would have stopped by now, but no!) I had strawberries and kiwi and Honeydew melon (which does not bother me) for dessert. Yeah, I' am off to a good start to my week!