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    I can eat muenster cheese, mozzarella, ricotta cheese, cottage cheese. I can not eat Velvetta-PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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      If you have something of a hispanic population in your area to where you can either go to a latin grocery store, or find latin food products at your regular store, then there's a number of Mexican cheeses that might be ok. They're usually white, and there's three main kinds that I know of: queso fresco, which is sort of crumbly and is like a mild feta, queso blanco, which is sort of like a string cheese, and queso chihuahua, that I've found mostly in shredded form and melts like mozzarella or monteray jack.

      I'm bummed. I had a good size chunk of fresh mozzarella I went to munch on for a snack last night, but it went bad. Boo!


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        More about farmer's cheese

        I just slice farmer's cheese to use on sandwiches, crackers, or by itself.
        It's displayed by all the regular cheeses. It is soft but not like cream cheese.
        I think it would be pretty hard to slice cream cheese with a cheese slicer.
        The firmness is more like montery jack. Just so you know that it is not a
        spread like cream cheese.


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          Interesting cookiegirl....the farmer cheese I bought is like cream cheese. No way could I slice it. It is pure white. Where do you buy yours? I'd be interested in getting the harder type. Thanks.

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            Farmer's cheese source

            I bought my farmer's cheese at a local grocery store. The brand
            though is Crystal Farms, Lake Mills, WI 53551-0753. Their phone no. is 1-800-672-8260. If you called maybe they could tell you where to get it by you.
            On the package it says natural, semi-soft Farmer cheese. Perhaps, different companies process it differently. I'll look and see if I find it in a different form.
            Could farmer's cheese be more of a generic term? Weird. But my cheese is white and mild, too.


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              Thanks everyone for the help. I was just curious. I can do american even though it's processed and velveeta too. Velveeta just came out with their own brand of au gratin potatoes! YUMMYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!


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                Hi there,

                I am able to eat ricotta, mozzarella, cottage, feta, boursin with herbs, and soft goat cheese. I have tried the lower fat kraft cheddar once and it didn't bother me. I want to try it again to see for sure.

                I miss aged parmesan cheese. I'll try a bit in a few months when my IC is more stable. I've only been on meds for 3 1/2 months.

                Take care.



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                  Velveeta Cheese


                  You mentioned processed cheese. I thought I'd read somewhere that Velveeta cheese was likely acceptable for IC, so I bought 2 boxes of it at Costco. Am I missing something? Is it not good for IC?




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                    I just discovered that Colby isn't an aged cheese. I buy Tillamook brand Colby Jack, it's very yummy and I can use it for recipes that call for cheddar. Makes a great grilled cheese too!


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                      goat cheese?

                      anyone know about goat cheese? i love goat cheese, but i can't tell if it's increasing my symptoms.
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                      Age: early 30s