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Weight Watchers and IC/ Bocca Burgers

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  • Weight Watchers and IC/ Bocca Burgers

    Hi! 4 months before I was told I had this lovely condition, I had lost a lot of weight on Weight Watchers. I loved the diet so much,I was going to become a leader. Then, I started hurting.... I went right back to the weight I started at +. I am trying to do the WW diet again.

    All of the foods I ate while losing on WW are trigger foods on the IC diet. (fruit, tomatoes, spices, soy, yogurt, artificial sweetners, etc.)

    I thought I was eating so healthy, who would have thought it was just bringing out an evil little disease that was lurking in my body????

    Has anyone tried Veggie burgers or any other "diet" food that doesn't usually cause a flare? I hear that some soy based products are ok, and I've found an organic yogurt I can eat, but I'm looking for more choices. I eat way too much carbs (bread, potatoes, cereal- all organic, but still carbs) and don't know how to liven up my chicken and fish anymore without the spices, etc.

    I'm not really good when it comes to the kitchen, so I really liked the WW convienence foods, too. All of them have spices, tomatoes, and preservatives in them, though. That can't be good.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

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    Diagnosed IC 1/07/04
    Fibromyalgia, IBS, PFD, Urethral Instability, GERD, Chronic Unexplained Pelvic Pain for most of my life

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    I'm not much of a cook, but I use my George Foreman grill to cook chicken and fish (I prefer salmon) with just a bit of kosher salt, and they come out quite tasty. There's something about the way the outside of the meat/fish caramelizes on the grill that gives it a nice flavor without adding spices or sauces that would hurt my bladder.


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      It's expensive, but there are a lot of frozen organic meals out there now. I don't have any problem with the Amy's Frozen Spinach and Feta pies, and they are available at Target now for $1.90-something each, I think. I know what you mean, being frustrated by the diet and all. I used to eat very well too, very little meat, lots of fruits and veggies along with soy, but I'm lucky in that I know how to cook decently so I've been able to compromise on some things. Also, so far, my food triggers have been minimal so there's things I've been able to do to reclaim some of my former lifestyle with some slight modifications. I eat a little bit more cheese now, usually fresh mozzarella both because its low acid as well as lower fat than other cheeses, and I also think the Presidente brand fat-free feta is pretty good.