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low acid wine and Starbucks

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  • low acid wine and Starbucks

    What a title, huh? No, Starbucks is not serving wine yet!! I had two questions and so I thought I would just put both of them out there at the same time.

    First one-I know I read on someone's thread about low acid wine. Could someone let me know where you can find it or is it just a name brand of a wine that is low in acid?

    Second question: As I watched my daughter drink a Starbucks frappicino, I realized how much I missed having one. That is one of my favorites. Anyone have any suggestions on an alternative, is there anything we can have at Starbucks??

    Help-I'm desperate for wine and coffee. LOL

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    As far as wine, I can drink blackberry wines and have no trouble at all,

    Starbucks-----I can drink the white chocolate mocha and do just fine. I also buy Starbucks breakfast blend coffee for the house at the grocery store or Wal mart and can drink the whole pot of it. If I touch 1 cup of any other coffee I want to die

    Hope this helps


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      I'd read somewhere years ago that late harvest wines tend to be lower in acidity. I think many liquor stores may stock late harvest wines. I found some in the grocery store too.

      Alcohol is a major trigger for me so even these weren't tolerable for me, but I'm sure others may have had a better experience for me. On the other hand, I'm able to tolerate other foods some people can't. Guess it's all a trade off.


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        I can have a glass of light dessert wine with no problem unless I'm already flaring.

        I can also have low acid coffee. I just got a Trader Joe's gift certificate for my birthday and spent almost half of it on stocking up on their low acid coffee.

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          At Starbucks I get a Vanilla Bean Frappuccino. When I want something warm I get Vanilla creme or White Hot Chocolate. If they do not have white hot chocolate on their menu just ask for it and they can make it for you. Their website is excellent for telling you exactly what is in each drink.


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            Thanks for all the info. Now I am not feeling quite so deprived!
            The happiest people don't neccessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything that comes their way!!

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              Have you tried "puroast coffee"? Its a low acid coffee. I order from them online. They're no more expensive than any other coffee beans or grounds and they're GREAT! I make my own frappuccinos with these too (in my blender) if I'm in the mood. Then I don't miss out on the summertime favorite.


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                For wine, I can drink riesling (not just late harvest riesling, which is a super sweet dessert wine) and I seem to do okay.

                When I am feeling good, I can go to Starbucks and get a grande latte with just one shot of espresso (it's normally two) and that seems to be fine. I would try low-acid coffee at home first if you haven't already, though. When I'm not feeling so hot, I can get a vanilla steamer (steamed milk) or a vanilla bean frappuccino and that works too.

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                  Wow something to try?

                  I will have to give all these suggestions a try. Thanks, Tammy