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Beans? Looking for cheap eats!

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  • Beans? Looking for cheap eats!

    This diet is taking me broke! I was thinking of trying some meatless meals...maybe beans. Any ideas? Thanks!

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    green thumb?

    Well I dont eat very much meat to begin with, but vegetables and whatnot aren't cheap either! Right now I'm in the process of planting a garden. Hopefully it'll work out, because that was about the best solution I could come up with for my diet. Not to mention you know where your food is coming from that way.

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      I do okay with beans. I especially like refried ones. I also am fine with pasta if I'm careful what I put on it. I also can eat lentils.

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        If you have GFS near you (Gordon Food Stores, they look kind of like a CVS or Walgreens but they have restaurant supplies instead), I highly recommend buying their big bags of frozen veggies. Frozen ones are actually usually better for you most of the time than the "fresh" produce at the store, because it was blast-frozen at the peak of it's freshness, which "locks in" it's nutrients. At GFS, you can get 2lb bags of things like broccoli or cauliflower for less than $3, or, you can get a 4 lb bag of their fancier mixes with things like squash and wax beans for usually $6 or less. A bag like that lasts me and my boyfriend for a couple of weeks. They work well for a lot of stuff I make like stir-fries and pastas. They also have boxes containing 10 or 12 frozen fish fillets like salmon and tilapia for $15-$25 each, and you can get several meals out of those. If you don't have a GFS, then it might be a good idea to scan the add for your local grocery stores to find out what frozen veggies they have on sale.

        A good "whole protein" source a lot of vegans rely on is quinoa grain. You cook it pretty much the exact same way you do rice, plus, it just looks really neat.

        Another thing that's helped me out with money is that we have an organic/natural food co-op here where they buy many dry food stuffs like flour, rice, oats, and bread, and then I can just go and scoop out however much I need.


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          beans menu suggestions

          Hi, I saw your request for suggestions for beans that are okay. I use black beans alot and have no problems. Whenever you cook them though you might try adding a potato, the starch reduces the tendency to cause flatulence. (key ingredient in beeno)
          Also, I use meat now as a key flavoring in my cooking instead of going meatless. I cut out all vinegar, wine, tomatoes, lemon, spicy spices and I find meat really helps make veggies tastier. For example, two slices of bacon crumbled into green beans replaced my grandma's recipe that included vinegar, onions & lots of black pepper. Hope this helps.


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            another menu suggestion


            I eat beans a LOT as a cheap meal. I try to have at least one meatless meal a week. A favorite recipe of mine and my hubby is a variant on beans and rice. I cook up instant rice in beef bouillon to flavor it (if you can handle beef bouillon). You can also buy beef flavored rice. Some brands I can handle, others I cannot. Then when rice is done, I add a can of black beans and a little of the juice from the can for flavor. As a last touch add american or colby cheese. Mix and heat until beans are hot and cheese all goopy. Its really yummy and pretty flavorful.

            I also make my own hummus. I follow any basic hummus recipe but just don't include the teaspoon of lemon juice. Hummus is made from chick peas (also called garbonzo beans) and cans of those are really cheap too...


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              Thanks for all the ideas!!!

              I am going to try to grow my own garden this year. All these outbreaks from eating fresh veggies is making me paranoid. I bought some lentils and barley so I'll probably try them first. I've done okay with hummus...can you make a meal out of it? I swear food prices are constantly going up. My two boys have food allergies as well so having to buy special foods for them as well is really killing our budget! That and we tend to get in a rut very quickly. No shellfish, nuts, eggs or milk in our house. Some weeks I feel like we're eating the same thing every day!


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                Almost forgot...won't bacon cause a flare or is there a partcular brand that's safe? What about beef boullion? I've been afraid to even try these things!


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                  HI! As far as veggies go, I have real trouble eating any night shade veggies....peppers (green,red or spicy), potatos, eggplant, tomatos...(they also bother my arthritis)...Make sure you are able to eat them before you plant too many of them. Roxie

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                    Sometimes your local butcher will have "uncured" bacon, meaning that it doesn't have any nitrites or nitrates. We have a few places around here where we can pick those up...and, also, some people just might not have a problem with those.