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  • ICNDonna
    I read labels even on stuff I buy all the time. The companies keep "improving" their products and I never know when they might change a formula.

    I admit that it makes my family nuts, but they've gotten used to the label reader.


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  • kadi
    started a topic ¡Tortillas!


    Wow, just had to share this with people who get it... Had a horrid flare this morning--frequency, exhaustion, spasms. And this after spending forever in the grocery store last night reading labels on rotisserie chicken! Got home today, picked up the package of tortillas I ate from last night - two different types of acid listed as preservatives and metabisulfite!!! Geez... Mystery solved. Was so worried about the chicken it never occurred to me to check out the tortilla package

    I've eaten tortillas before with no problems, but this was a different brand.

    IC Learning Experience #512- when changing brands, read the label!!!