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yummy mexican food

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  • mellusk
    Wow, that sounds pretty tasty for anybody!

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  • traceann
    That sounds really good!! I am going to have to try that, well, all but the avocado, lol - I've tried and tried and just can't get myself to like them lmao!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

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  • Sunnydawn
    started a topic yummy mexican food

    yummy mexican food

    I was so depressed when I thought my favorite food (mexican) was history.
    Recently I found a great recipe.

    Chicken and cream cheese fajitas

    - grill chicken tenderloins with garlic and salt ( I use the george forman now for my IC diet and it is great, remember we can usually have grilled meats like chicken and steak ) I also grill onions ( mabye okay list). Once grilled, take a tortilla, best if homemade all natural ingredients, add chicken and onions. Next, mash some avacado onto your tortilla and finally some cream cheese ( with added garlic and a little salt) add a sliver of american cheese and refried beans ( haven't tried it with beans yet but I plan on trying it that way soon.) if desired and roll it up. Its so yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I take 3 tums before any ify foods just as a extra precaution

    also I drank some coconut rum the other day for the first time with water and three tums before and did okay. That was really exciting

    What I take:

    glucosimine with MSM
    fish oil
    UTI symptom relief tincture

    Planning to take:

    aloe vera capsules
    * Remember the george foreman is great and you can grill anything in minutes
    * also a cold pac really takes the edge off for me