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    Hi there,
    I have been fine from Sept till about 2 weeks ago. Then it started.....
    I have had to go back to the IC diet. I do miss some things though. Can u help
    My drink , when I am able, is rum and diet coke.Well.... that is just out of the question at the moment as I am having a flare ( 2 weeks so far). I do know the diet coke is a no no due to the sugar substitute. Has anyone tried any alcohol with pear juice!!!
    Has anyone had any luck with any alcohol that they can get away with when they are agitated.
    Also, Stevia OR Xylitol. Views anyone!!
    Prelief OR Alka Plex Ph Control.
    I am finding it really hard to do without my Tuna. Any one got any substitute
    Would appreciate any help
    Thanking you

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    I eat tuna very frequently with no problem. I do think it's important to move very slowly when adding foods back into the diet --- IC isn't a temporary thing and most of us have to stay on our own personal IC diets full time.

    I can have one small glass of light dessert wine.

    Stay safe

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      What are you mixing your tuna with since we can't have mayo? I really miss tuna too and would like some suggestions on what to mix it with..

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        I recently did okay with rum. I drank plenty of water with it and I took 3 tums before I went to the bar. It was really exciting b/c my husband and I hadn't gone to a bar since last year. I had three malibu rum drinks on ice.
        I also tried my sisters grey goose vodka on superbowl sunday, but didn't do as well I think it was just too strong, so I'll stick with less proof like rum from now on


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          Rum is one of the few alcohols I can tolerate as well: I usually just mix it with plenty of ice and tap water. I can also tolerate up to two beers if I mix about a tsp of baking soda in them and hold each sip in my mouth for a while to let some of the bubbles out. I've not been able to tolerate vodka or wine.


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            Rum is one thing I haven't tried yet. I've yet to flair from anything else I've attempted, and I've found actually that one or two beers or glasses of wine will make me feel better for a little while (alcohol is one of the world's oldest pain killers), but I can in no way suggest that for anyone else, especially someone with IC.

            Something that maybe would be safer is perhaps honey mead? It's a sweet white wine. I don't know that you can get this outside of Indiana, but in Bloomington, Oliver Winery makes a really good one.


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              alcoholic drinks

              Hi, my fav. drink is vodka tonic with lots of tonic. I think I read that quinine is a slight relaxant, something like that... anyway never had any problems with it. Oh, but ask for it WITHOUT the lime!


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                Hi All,
                Very excited by your answers. My husband has just suggested that I ask if the rums you are drinking are dark or light rums.Coming from OZ I drink Bundaberg rum which is dark.. Appreciate your help !!
                If I am out, I won;t be able to have ice as it will be tap water ice and I cannot tolerate that. I can only drink Nolbes water here is Australia.
                Jodi B


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                  Originally posted by kari1980 View Post
                  What are you mixing your tuna with since we can't have mayo? I really miss tuna too and would like some suggestions on what to mix it with..
                  I Have just been having rice cakes with light cream cheese, then the tuna, sea salt and fresh basil. Interesting that I hade plain tuna yesterday and no burning. I am hoping that it may be the smoked tuna that was bothering me. I will try this again over the next couple of days and see how I go.
                  Jodi B


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                    Sunny- was that malibu rum with just ice or was there something else mixed with it?

                    i was just thinking of malibu rum this afternoon and wondering if it was IC friendly, pre IC i used to drink Malibu bay breezes, they were very good and didnt give me the hungover feeling that beer did. Cant drink those now though.

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                      I miash up ricotta cheese, olive oil, salt, pepper, and dried dill and mix it into tuna from the organic section in the store. I add chopped green or red peppers and celery to it