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  • Sprite and Seven up

    Can anyone drink Sprite or Seven Up? Thanks!

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    Now, I'm not the typical IC'er at all. I can tolerate a whole bunch of foods and beverages that would make a normal IC'er double over in pain. Please be aware that ALL sodas have the reputation of greatly increasing an IC'ers bladder pain.

    That being said, I will admit that my bladder seems to be able to tolerate the following sodas:

    Sprite (but not 7-up - have no idea why I can do sprite just fine but not 7-up)
    Root beer

    The sodas which kill my bladder are:

    all fruit-type drinks, but most especially cherry, and 7-up. And all diet drinks, even with Splenda.

    Don't know if that is helpful at all? But anyway I answered.

    P.S. if I were going to experiment to see what my bladder can handle, I would do it at a time when I would be able to stay at home and treat the bladder pain, and I would start out not with a whole can, but only a small portion of a can, and wait a few hours for any reaction to show. (Normally I can tell within an hour if something is hurting my bladder.)


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      All I can say is "OWCHY!" I don't drink sodas. It just isn'g worth it.

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        I can have Sprite and MountainDue (sp?). Also can drink RootBeer and Canada Dry gingerale all I want.

        With CocaCola/Pepsie I have to drink diet/caffene free and in moderation.

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          I can drink small amounts of sprite and rootbeer. I love rootbeer.

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            I can do root beer & sprite others I do flare but I take some chances ocassionaly. sssssssshhhhh don't tell lol
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              sprite occasionally.7-up,rootbeer,no other pop thiugh. It used to irritate my bladder. Now that I don't have a bladder, I am Jonseing for an Ice cold Coca Cola! When my infections have cleared up I may just treat myself to al little sip!


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                I have found that I can drink Root Beer, I discovered this when a friends son told me his Orthodontist told him that was the only soda he could drink while having braces, The Dr told him rootbeer did not conatain some kind of acid that you find in cokes and sprite..So I tried it and it does not seem to bother me at all, but I only drink it about 3 times a week..Dont want the bladded to get upset

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                  I can probably handle most sodas. I used to drink a Mt.Dew a day until last year. Found that I do feel better w/out it so I don't drink any soda anymore (don't want to temp myself-lol!), but it wasn't my main irritant. I have never been able to handle rootbeer though. Think its all the carbination that causes me to flare. I can drink tea and coffee w/ caffine and it doesn't seem to bother me as long as I don't drink it in excess.


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                    I have recently benn able to start drinking soda again. I stay away for the dark sodas such as pepsi because i seem to have problems with the dark colored sodas for some reason. But i drink sprite or sierra mist. They do not bother me at all which is nice.


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                      Sprite is the only one i can drink. It has no caffeine like some of those other lemon/lime drinks do. It also doesn't aggravate my IBS. I used to think Coke and Pepsi irritated my bowel and bladder because they were carbonated drinks. Now i realise it's the caffeine that was doing it. (Coffee, tea and chocolate too).

                      I'm sick of being sick. Fed up with all this autoimmunity/allergies stuff: migraines, eustachian tube dysfunction, asthma, peripheral neuropathy with polyneuritis, Raynaud's disease, acne rosacea, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, IBS (diarrhea type), IC, one deformed kidney, Von Willebrand Disease (a bleeding disorder), drug allergies, food intolerances, life intolerance! And besides all that, i'm missing my tonsils, my gallbladder, my uterus and ovaries... and probably a gazillion brain cells