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Anti-Inflamation Diet?

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  • Momelf
    Boy! I sure wish there was more feedback here. I've read a little about anti-inflammatory diets too. Guess we'll have to be the ones to try them, mom in ma.


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  • mich2604
    im on a diet similar to this although i do eat some mozzarella cheese.

    Due to yeast issues i mainly eat green veggies and chicken or fish.

    I also try to keep oxalates low because of VV.

    It hasnt cured my IC but im sure that it does help some

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  • mom_in_ma
    started a topic Anti-Inflamation Diet?

    Anti-Inflamation Diet? we all know that IC is an inflamatory disease. Whatever the reason...immune system over drive, lack of lining in the bladder, etc., we have an inflamatory response in our bladders.

    I remembered reading about an anti-inflamatory diet and did some research online today. Has anyone tried this type of diet and seen results?

    It's dairy, no sugar, no refined flour, etc. Mainly veggies (except in the nightshade family), grains, and some chicken, fish or turkey.

    Might be worth a try.