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How long does it take to notice a difference?

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  • How long does it take to notice a difference?

    This may have been asked before, please forgive me if it has. I have not been able to find it on here, so I wanted to ask.

    For those of you who have done the IC Diet, how long does it usually take before you start seeing a difference on how often you "gotta go"? I want to get started on this IC Diet, so I am wondering?

    Also, have any of you who were coffee drinkers, switch from coffee to decafe' tea, even if it was just to help you cut that caffeine habit? And if so, did you go more with drinking the decafe tea?

    Thank You,

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    It took a few weeks for me to really notice a difference. I was having pain all the time, so it was hard to tell when food affected me. After a few weeks though, the pain lessened and it was much easier to tell when a food didn't agree with me. It is definitely a trial and error process... it took much longer to figure out what I actually could eat other than the basics.
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      I had a very quick relief effect b/c I went all the way down to an elimination diet.

      I have not touched tea or coffee since Feb 18, except chamomile and peppermint sweetened with honey. I don't plan to for quite some time either.

      I have noticed a drastic difference in my pain levels with eating inside the "usually ok" column and trying like mad to remove all sources of artificial ingredients and preservatives from my food choices.

      I have had a couple of flares, and I know they are flares b/c I feel so much better and they come on like a freight train for me. Exercise continues to be a source of "afterburn" for me as well as sex.

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        Tea is just as bad as coffee. It isn't necessarily the caffeine; it could be the acid. I find I can have a cup of low acid coffee in the morning.

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          Like Donna, I find the low acid coffee can be tolerable. Or sometimes I can get away with a cup of real coffee if I take Prelief with it.

          We're all different with how long it takes to see improvement from the diet. I found I had to follow the diet to the strictest sense to find relief, then I slowly added back in foods. It took a lot of time and effort (and frustration and swearing...), but I've found that now I feel I have more control over my symptoms because I know which foods/drinks affect me and how.