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  • Gluten free breakfasts

    Does anyone have any good suggestions for gluten free breakfasts with no preservatives or added sugar? All of the bread I have found that is gluten free, usually has asorbic acid or vinegar in it. I tried Arrowhead Mills' "Rice and Shine" but did not really like the flavor. If anyone has any ideas, that would be great. I sometimes do eggs and a piece of fruit, but I love my oatmeal and toast, and was wondering if there were any good alternatives out there. Thanks.

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    I'm not sure about toast except for rice toast and toast made out of corn. I don't know if any of these recipes would appeal to you but I thought I'd throw it out to you just in case.

    Good Luck finding an alternative for your breakfast!

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      I eat buckwheat and veggies, beans right now. I go to whole foods for "food for life" bread it's good if you warm it up in a pan till it gets somewhat soft and put butter on it. google gluten free oats and they have oats that are gluten free expense though. google "Allergy Grocer" they have lots of stuff cereals and such to eat.
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        I love the pancakes and waffles by Vann's that are gluten free/dairy free...they even have blueberry waffles...yum, yum, yum!!!!.....check out the organic section or the "health" at the supermarket, there's all sorts of frozen breakfast stuff, cereals, there migt even be some energy bars and things like that...
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