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  • waterflow
    Anytime, anytime. I was thinking with all the blueberries we will be drinking we will turn into one of the Umpas on the Willie Wanka Chocolate Factory or the girl who chews the gum and turns into a giant blueberry. Either way I'm not sure which one is the better way of going?

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  • traceann
    YAY!! Thank you Mary! I have been driving myself crazy trying to come up with some "new" snack ideas, and this helps immensely!!!!! I did find that when I came home to do my mom's breathing thingy, I would be starving (it's around 11:30, I do lunch at 1:30-2) so I grabbed a handful of cashews one day - and I was still not very hungry by the time lunch rolled around! It was amazing what one little handful of nuts could do!!!

    Thanks again, I am copying and pasting the shake recipe!


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  • waterflow
    started a topic this seems to be working

    this seems to be working

    I have lost 2 pounds since Wednesday. Imagine I would have lost more if I had exercised but I have pretty much given up on that. Just been cleaning. I do eat a snack in the afternoon to keep from getting weak but otherwise it seems to be working. (I always get weak in the afternoon if I do not have something to eat)

    Eat bran for breakfast…muffin, or cereal, or 1 slice wheat toast with fruit
    Lunch—smoothie shake
    Supper—what ever but small portions

    Eat a snack ½ hour before lunch or supper and do not eat after 8:30 pm
    Low fat yogurt topped with fruit of choice (doesn’t say amount)
    1 hard boiled egg
    1 slice deli meat
    1 spoonful peanut butter
    1 handful nuts
    2 dime size pieces of low fat cheese

    Slimming smoothie
    Mix in blender
    ½ large banana
    1/3 cup soy protein
    ¼ cup frozen blueberries
    ½ Table. Flaxseed oil
    ½ Table. Apple juice or honey
    1 tsp. Psyllium seed husks
    8 oz. Water

    You can have the shake twice a day if you want