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More extensive cookbook: need your feedback

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  • More extensive cookbook: need your feedback

    Hello. I am a faithful ICer who is also an author of two sucessful books.

    I am thinking of writing a cookbook that is more extensive than the ones currently out there. I want recipies for vegetarians, low card people, thing to make for guests too, and so on. Fresh spices, for example, can make a big difference. I would get ideas here, but the meat of it is that I would ask chefs for a submission. I had this fantastic eggplant-ricotta thing recently and I though I need the recipie!

    I know how to do this in a way that words and I can find a publisher. But first I want to know if people would want such a thing and if they would buy it. What would you want included (I especially want something as a sub for dressings and mayo and do forth.

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    I'd try it! And I agree, we need a good dressing/sub for mayo that actually tastes good!


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      I would totally buy it. I love entertaining, so recipes you can make for visitors would be wonderful.


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        The problem for me is that most of the current recipes have foods that I cannot have. For me to buy a recipe book it would have to have a section for people that are on a very basic IC diet. No onion, spices, nothing even remotely acidic, no vegetables or fruit.

        So for someone like me recipes for quiche, gnocchi, potato pancakes and other bland things would be needed. But there's tons of IC people out there with much larger ingredient lists than me so I'm sure it would be very well received without this section.


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          I think an ethnic section would help. A lot of people miss, mexican, thai, and indian food, and so having ic-friendly alternatives for things like tacos and curries would be very helpful.


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            I have thought these things through.

            When I ask chefs for recipies, I want some that:

            1. Are strictly on the OK list
            2. Some with the maybe list, but there is a substitute that works. Do you know how I can find out which middle foods are the most accepted.

            Also, some can take time to prepare for those good days and guests, and some very quick and easy.

            ABSOLLUTELY ethnic dishes.

            Also would be directions for testing food.

            Do you think people at the network would be willing to make and taste test?


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              I'd definitely do it. I've already been trying to do that the last two weeks with my vegetarian thread. I've been trying to figure out veggie recipes that are IC friendly, then make them to see if they even taste decent, and then post them here. Unfortunately, I can't really recommend anything based off whether or not it makes me flare, because most food doesn't, so at least so far I've been sticking with ingredients that are on the "mostly ok" list so I won't suggest something that might hurt someone who is more sensitive.

              That's the link to the patient handbook with a whole list of things that are mostly ok, maybe ok, and mostly not ok.