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Tough blueberries

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  • Tough blueberries


    I usually buy Dole frozen BB. Tehy've always been great, but I just got a batch where the skin was so tough and chewy I had to spit it out. And it's EXPENSIVE.

    I like frozen better than fresh cause fresh can be sour, frozen available all the time, and mostly it's sweeter. You also get yummy BB juice.

    What brand do you buy? Any ideas?

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    One of the grocery chains around here has a contract with Full Circle Organics and I like their frozen blueberries pretty well, but again, they're expensive. Gordon Food Service has large bulk supplies of frozen veggies and fruits. The mixed berries bag worked really well for me (before I had the IC diagnosis), but their blackberries were way tart and too seedy. I haven't tried their blueberries yet, they're about $16 for a huge bag. Right now, I've been getting dried blueberries from my local co-op.


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      Janvier--sounds like you possibly got a bag that had been defrosted and refrozen. Blueberries can't tolerate this and in turn can become "tough" and bitter.

      I buy Dole frozen blueberries in the winter and fresh when in season.

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