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Charting food and pain

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  • Charting food and pain

    Hi there, It's me again!

    I have both IC and fibromyalgia. Fibro requires endless charting to see what causes body pain.

    With so much charting to be done, I need a simple, but effective, way to chart food. The hard part for me is that my time varies so much from food to pain (if it does hurt). What charts do u use, did you make them up for yourself?

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    Have you checked out Julie's B's book, Confident Choices? Julie is a fellow ICer, a treasured member of our community, a registered dietician and an expert on the IC diet. Many have found her book to be an outstanding guide to diet including information on charting foods consumed and reaction of the bladder to foods consumed and is an excellent recipe resource as well. The book is available here in the ICN Shop. You also might want to check out the other books and information available in the ICN Shop as well as the diet and recipe section found in the Patient Handbook (links to the handbook and ICN Shop are at the top of the page).

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      I only log frequency. On a note pad I write down the date and everything I ate for that day on one line (I use abbreviations). On the right side I write down the # of times for that day (noon to noon). It takes 3 days for a bad solid food to have an effect. On separate sheets I write down each time I go to the bathroom. One sheet per day. I use an adding machine with a date button for those sheets. So every time I go I hit a couple of buttons on the adding machine and it logs the time.

      I don't log pain since the higher the frequency, the more pain. An frequency is easier to characterize.