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yogurt cultures?

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  • yogurt cultures?

    what in the world is a yogurt culture and is it safe for us to eat?

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    A yogurt culture is a probiotic, or, in other words "beneficial" bacteria. They're part of the process that makes yogurt out of milk. It is perfectly safe for most people to eat, but for someone with IC, the only thing I can say is to try it when you're not flaring and see how it affects you. If it is a problem, then you can also buy some brands of cottage cheese that have many of the same cultures in them if you're wanting the helpful effects. Kefir is a milk substance that is a lot like yogurt that has them too. I haven't eaten a lot of yogurt yet, just a little with tzatziki, but I've drank kefir with no problems. I also take acidophilis, which is a pill form of one of the cultures that is good for digestion and yeast infections. Different people react to different things though, so keep that in mind.