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  • I've been on a cooking strike...

    ....since the ex got kicked out last August. Kari's roasted pepper sauce w/ pasta has given me my own kick in the butt to try to start cooking again so I thought I'd share a few of my soup recipes...they're all real easy and can be made in less than an hour and should be for the most part, "safe" for those who are extra food sensitive, or are working on adding things back into their diets, since the soups have few ingredients, and some of the ingredients can be omitted or changed if needed.

    Carrot soup
    Peel and boil a bunch of carrots in veg broth, chick broth, or just plain water, along with an onion and a piece of potato. Let cool a little and then puree. Actually, if you have one of those hand blenders, you can puree it right in the pot. Let cool a little more and then add fat free milk (make sure the puree is cool enough so it won't curdle the milk). I've also used half and half, reg milk,evaporated milk, plain yoghurt, whatever I have on hand, in lieu of milk....sometimes I just leave out the milk. Just depends on your preference. Serve it with cilantro or parsley or other fresh green herb as a garnish and a little nutmeg. Best served with pumpernickle (SP?) bread if you can tolerate it, or even like it!

    Potato soup
    Peel some potatos leaving a little skin on them for the good stuff like mom always said , boil in chick broth, or water, along with chopped onions (bulb onions or leeks are best (but plain white onions are fine, too) and celery. Cook till everything is pretty soft. I like to use a hand mixer for this soup, so that it still has chunks, rather than pureeing it in a blender, but you can do that, too,it's just harder to control the consistency If you want it to still have recognizeable chunks, be careful because just one second of blending too much and you'll have babyfood. I like to garnish with chives, fat free sour cream or yoghurt, salt and pepper, and parsley.

    Chilled avocado soup...I picked this one up on one of my trips to Mexico. Some of my friends are crazy about it, others not. But it's definitely my favorite summer soup. It's not any harder to make than a smoothie.
    Peel and de-seed avocado and put in a blender with fat free milk, salt, and a couple ice cubes. Play with it adding more milk, avocado, salt and ice cubes til you have a chilled smooth creamy consistency that's to your liking. It shouldn't be too soupy. Blend and serve garnished with cubes of canteloupe and a side of some really good whole wheat bread, cut in big chunks.

    Anyway, like I said, the main ingredients in each of the soups are generally not a problem, and most of the other ingredients are optional, or you can change them to what you like or can handle. I think the EX had IBS or was lactose intolerant. He always requested the potato soup when he was feeling bad, minus any dairy products. I always suspected he was lactose intolerant and that was the cause of his frequent tummy problems (or was it that jar of recalled Peter Pan??), since his brother is lactose intolerant, but he had to be on the verge of dying (LITERALLY) before he would got to the dr.

    PS I guess you could use a food processor for any of these soups! I've never had one.
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    Thanks for the great recipies, I will give them a try!:woohoo:

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      YES Briza, you need to start cooking again! Sounds like you have some great recipes and I'm glad my recipe got you motivated, you'll have to let me know when you make it. It was wonderful, I can't wait to have some more!:woohoo: Please keep sharing the recipes, they are so helpful to me.


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