I can't believe that a dash of cinammon would send me into such a flare! I was feeling good all week, really sticking to the diet, so I decided last night to try some cinammon on my rice pudding. I had thought before that cinammon was a culprit for me, but I wasn't sure, so since I was doing well I figured it would be a good time to find out. WRONG! I put alittle cinammon on my rice pudding last night and within an hour I was in so much pain and was up all night because of it. I can't believe it, it was such a small amount. And I know it wasn't the rice pudding because I had been eating that plain all week with no problem. I seem to be so extremely diet sensitive, it's driving me crazy. Last week I also made the mistake of trying Kool-Aid because I saw so many posts from people who said it didn't bother them and boy that was the worst flare ever, My bladder was literally screaming at me and on fire afterwards. I can't seem to tolerate most of the things that a lot of you can, it's so frustrating. Oh well, just wanted to vent and mention it in case anyone else is eating cinammon and may not realize it could be bothering them too!