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odd question about lemonde?

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  • odd question about lemonde?

    Ok i am a bad speller,lol but i have a silly question. Now i have had chicken with lemon juice bladder been ok. I have squezzed lemon juice on some meals. no problem. Could that mean i can have lemonde? i doubt it but maybe????? thanx

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    Lemonade is a lot of lemon. If you decide to try it, I would try only a very small drink at first.

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      If i try it i am very scared too. but if i can take alittle amount of lemons is there a good chance i can take large amounts? Thanx


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        The only way to see is to try it. But remember to keep a voiding journal to see if it increases urination, not just pain. Kathi
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          Hi u know what its not worth it 2 me 2 try it. i have drank water only now for over 6 months and i dont mind that so water 4 me i guess..


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            I have been drinking water for about 2 years now. I tried a sip of grape juice and regretted it almost instantly. There is no way to know if something is going to bother you except to try it, but I am like you, I would rather not try it. The pain afterward is not worth one drink of juice. I hope you can find something else to drink. My dr. told me that I could drink gerber pear juice. I think it is the only one without all the additives. It is hard for me to find. I wish you luck.