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Coffee and Social behavior

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  • Coffee and Social behavior

    In my family, we drink coffee as we gather around and have a discussion, or gathering....... I feel so left out. The smell drives me wild, I love coffee!

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    Some of us can tolerate low acid coffee. There's an instant one, Kava, and Trader Joe's has a low acid coffee that's very good.

    I love coffee too and can have some if I use my Prelief.

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      Yes, like Donna, I can have my cup of coffee with Prelief (2 Prelief). On the chart, Prelief removes something like 98% of the acid in coffee. I never push it beyond the one cup. How I wish it removed whatever is in tomato sauce! scream
      We can help one another here. Sue


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        I think I am about the only one who can tolerate coffee, (what I miss is pepsi) I have had a few occasions that coffee did me in so to speak, but like the other gals said try it with prelief and see what happen, cautiously
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          I am amazed at how different this disease manifests itself in each of us. I don't like coffee so that is not a problem. I can drink Dr. Pepper (one) with no problems even without prelief BUT even just a little milk or yogurt and my bladder pain becomes almost unbearable. Go figure!
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            I can drink coffee; one cup is ok... before Prelief I would pee a litte more often but found it bearable. With Prelief, I can have my one cherished cup in the morning sometimes!! I cannot, however, combine coffee with alcohol. I used to love having coffee with Bailey's Irish Cream liqueur after dinner sometimes at restaurants, but Prelief or not, that "puts me on the can" (as my husband says lmao )... so I gave it up.

            Also, colas are a problem. I can drink a little regular Coke if I take Prelief, but forget matter what I do it wreaks havoc on my bladder. I think it's the artificial sweeteners.

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              It is really interesting how we vary so much in our triggers. I drink quite a lot of milk, with cereal, on its own and in tea, and can even eat yogurt without any flare, touch wood and crossing fingers as I type this. One banana, and that is it for me, flare city and I love bananas. I do not drink coffee or soft drinks, so I have no problem there. I also love Baileys Irish Creme, but have not risked trying it yet. Such an interesting part of our IC symptoms, so many different foods and drinks that trigger the old bladder to get really riled up. Hugs all Iris. hi hat
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                I'm learning so much. You guys are such a help. I'm also learning how to determine which foods are triggers for me. I'm a beginner, but I'll get the hang of it! I wasn't able to put my symtoms together with food triggers before.


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                  I finally gave up coffee and now drinking a cup of Postum every morning. It taste good and at least it's something hot.


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                    I drink my Kava coffee as Donna mentioned. I have a cup every morning.

                    I find however, that I can usually tolerate coffee. If I have a tamer or a prelief, I can tolerate almost as much as I want. If I'm dehydrated, or I ate something else that might potentially be a no~no, the two together will get me though.

                    The WEIRDEST part to me, is that I can tolerate a cup from Starbucks BETTER than I can tolerate filtered, say, Dasani water! Very very strange.

                    The one thing about coffee to remember is that it IS a it makes everyone (even the average person) pee more than usual. I make sure I am well hydrated BEFORE my morning cup of coffee....then I wont run into problems later in the day.
                    Enjoying my Kava now.....with a splenda and a touch of almond milk, its really good!
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