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  • Asparagus

    Does anyone know if we can eat asparagus, or does it cause flares?

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    I don't know about others, but I have it occasionally with no problem. I get hungry for it about twice a year.

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      I have it several times a week this time of year and have no problems.


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        Asparagus KILLS me! AND I mean puts me over in TEARS. Its one of my worst flare foods.

        I guess everyone is different, but good luck with it! I sure do love asparagus and miss it very much.

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          I love it, but it doesn't love me.


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            Asparagus does go right into your pee, so at least if you try it and it bothers you, you'll know pretty much right away.


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              I have it every now and then with no problems.


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                I have it with no problems
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                  I haven't tried it since I've been diagnosed with IC. I've stayed away from it ever since I realized it makes my pee stink!


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                    I have no issues with it, but I have foul smelling urine due to IC as it is, so I don't eat asparagus very often as it makes the smell worse!
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                      I haven't had it in 4 years because it used to make me flare up so horribly. It's too bad because I really do love it.

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                        asparagus ayy?? Not sure.. but it Can't be all that bad. My working theory lately, now that i have really taken so many acid's out of my life, happens to be this. If it makes my mouth burn, or taste funny and metal like afterwards, then I won't have it. Especially if it gives me heart burn. Then I know that I really should not have done that! So, if i were to put asparagus in my mouth now, I don't think it would burn. So from my hypothesis, we could conclude, that the asparagus, should be a-okay!Though I will be sure to let you know if I decide me and the asparagus really don't get along. haha..
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