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Water drinking - is 1 pint every 3 hours about

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  • Water drinking - is 1 pint every 3 hours about

    right? I know it depends on the individual, etc. but if you were aiming to sip water all day just to keep things flowing along nicely - would the above amount sound about right?

    This is considering there are no problems going on - just an ordinary, nice normal day.

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    That would add up to about eight cups in twelve hours --- that should be enough.

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      Thanks for responding, Donna. One more question related to the the same topic - what do you think would be the typical number of times to urinate on a day such as this?
      Thanks very much!
      P.S. I'm thinking with this much water (an increase for me) I'm thinking 7 - 8 times.


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        I think 7-8 times seems about right, but I wouldn't stress too much if you go over that amount. I used to try and get 1 pint in every two hours while I was at work, then when I started this whole IC thing thinking it was still just infections, I tried to get in a pint every hour! Talk about some overkill! IC or not, that's going to make anybody pee a lot. Now I just do the same thing you do, and on a good day I might only make 3 or 4 trips the whole time I'm at work (usually 9 hours).


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          I usually drink about a liter or two a day. For me, the less I drink, the more pain I have in my bladder. I do have to go pee alot when I drink that much, but the pain is way worse if I dont.