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  • snicole
    oh ok thanks. it always helps to know where u can eat when on the road.

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  • Gymmom

    No, the chicken is not marinated in anything. It is just a plain piece of chicken. It usually looks pretty nasty sitting there, but it tastes really good toasted with cheese. I have never had any frequency/pain when eating this. It always seems to be safe for me. I also forgot to mention that McDonald vanilla shakes are safe for me. I hope this helps. GOOD LUCK!!


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  • Berkshire Road
    Wow, Missie, thank you for all the work you did to prepare that! I'm going to print it out. Thank you!

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  • Roxie2007
    HI Gymmom! WoW you did some work to write up that list! I'm going to copy it and revise it for myself. I had gastic bypass so I can't eat anything with sugar.....but other than that you are right on with the rest of it! Thanks for all the work and sharing it! Roxie Happy Easter!

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  • Susan Osborne
    when you go to subway, is the chicken breast marinated in anything? was wondering if that affects your bladder?

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  • Gymmom
    started a topic Some diet help

    Some diet help

    Hi all!! I am highly diet sensitive, so I made a list for me to go by when shopping and planning my meals. thought I would share it with all of you. Maybe this will be able to help someone else. Remember, everyone is different, this is just what works for me.
    Homemade french toast (Organic bread)
    Homemade waffles (use Biscuit)
    Homemade pancakes (Use Biscuit)
    pure maple syrup
    Toast (organic bread)
    cream cheese (bar not tub)
    Turkey sandwich
    Hormel lunch meat (no nitrates, MSG or preservatives)
    American Cheese
    organic bread (Barowsky’s oat nut)
    Grilled Cheese
    organic bread
    American cheese
    lays chips
    sun chips
    Peanut butter and fluff (sometimes)
    Subway chicken breast toasted with American cheese, lettuce and oil
    Pasta (organic) and butter
    Vegis’s only fresh or frozen (not canned)

    Fish Brocoli
    Chicken carrots
    Shellfish green beans
    organic pasta with butter corn
    potatoes lettuce
    rice Peas
    roast beef
    Carob chips or bar
    homemade pound cake
    homemade vanilla frosting
    Snyders pretzels
    vanilla Ice cream (only all natural)
    rootbeer float
    Evian water
    rootbeer (sometimes)
    strawberry milk

    Cook only with olive oil or butter (smart balance)

    Absolutely nothing with, ascorbic acid, seasonings, artificial sweetner, citrus juices, alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, aged cheese, smoked meats, preservatives, nuts, mayo, vinegar, sour cream, pickles, tomatoes, all citrus fruits, catsup, mustard, BHA, and BHT, benzoates, soy sauce, chili powder, ginger, MSG *(glutamate, yeast extract, hydrolyzed protein, glutamic acid, calcium caseinate, sodium caseinate, yeast food, hydrolyzed corn gluten, gelatin textured protein, yeast nutrient, autolyzed yeast, natrium glutamate, neotame ) soy protein, anything protein fortifie

    *contains MSG

    Hope this is able to help someone else.
    Have a great day!!!