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    Has anyone been able to find a brand of shredded coconut without preservatives? All I can find at Whole Foods and Wild Oats is a coconut that is more like it is ground not shredded. Thanks!

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    Organic coconut

    Since my family are farmers and I was a Clinton Presidential appointee in the USDA for 8 years, I know a great deal about food and its production. Organic food production is the fastest growing segment in agriculture.
    There is a great website: that helps locate stores, etc.

    You can purchase organic coconut at



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      The coconut on Amazon is just like what I am buying at the store and its not shredded its more like its ground. Thanks for the response!


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        Check out the organic website

        Try and see if it helps you locate a store or producer/


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          Did you check out Bob's Red Mill medium shredded coconut at amazon? I've never had it, but the picture makes it look shredded. It's not organic. But it's 100% all natural coconut.


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            I get shredded coconut at a small local health food store. Maybe there's one near you?

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            -Fur therapy: Hugging the cat!