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Cirus fruits turn alkaline when metabolized by body

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  • Cirus fruits turn alkaline when metabolized by body

    Has anyone heard this before? I have actually read this several times on different sites and stuff. Now here's something that I am reading for the first time. That the more citrus fruits you consume it causes urine to become more alkaline. I really wonder if there is something to this! Why are we supposed to avoid citrus fruits if this happens? Anyone else researched this at all?
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    I have read lots of articles about how different foods are metabolized by the body. But the thing that makes me avoid citrus fruits is that I absolutely know that if I ingest them, they cause bladder pain.

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      There is one thing I have learned about IC...We are all different and respond differently to different things. Maybe, for some, citrus reacts this way. But for me, it is like pouring acid into a wound.

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        I've been confused by this, too. But, like Donna and Sharon, I absolutely cannot do citrus. I remember even in the days before I had an active case of IC lemonade would go right through me. It was only after I started having pain associate with my bladder that I really understood the link! Maybe it's something else about citrus, I don't know, but like Sharon says, it's like pouring acid on a wound. Who knows? This is one of the mysteries of IC, I guess.


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          I've known about this for years too. My educated guess was that perhaps we walk a fine line between acidity and alklalinity. I was under the impression that too much alkaline can burn as well? (Sarojini/Jen you around? )

          It also make me wonder if IC could possibly (partially) a digestive disorder....hmmm certainly something to think about.
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            Lemon Tree

            I do not have any problem with citrus fruits, or most foods actually. I have a lemon tree in the backyard and make lemonade daily. It does not burn my bladder or give me a pee fit. Regular coffee makes me pee up a storm.
            Everyone has a different reaction to things, I eat beans all the time, some Icers say they give them bladder pain. You just have to do what works for you, because it wont work for someone else.


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              Lemons i know do turn alkaline when consumed.
              One of the "treatments", if you will, that all of my Dr's agree on is drinking atleast one glass of fresh squeezed lemonade per day. I find it to be rather soothing to my bladder when its not happy.

              Like mentioned over and over, everyones different.

              Take care

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                I am jealous!

                I am so jealous Diana and Sammi! I miss lemonade so much, I think it's one of my very favorite things! We were at a party with friends who have a lemon tree and always make wonderful lemonade (before I was diagnosed I attended ta party there and drank the lemonade then went to the bathroom 4 times in 15 minutes! -- I was a little embarrassed, but at the time was just glad to be urinating as I had been dealing with some retention, unfortunately when pain became one of my symptoms the lemonade had to go...) I did take a sip of my son's lemonade and within a few minutes started to feel some burning.

                Bummer, but it could be much worse! Chocolate has never bothered me, which is also one of my favorite things. Some day WHEN there is a cure for this disease I am going to drink an entire pitcher of homeade lemonade! (sad that this has become one of my dreams!).