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    I was recently diagnosed with IC. My uro-gyno is a huge fan of controlling diseases through healthy diets. Her biggest things is to eat pure. Try not to eat any prepackaged items - nothing with any preservatives or artificial colors etc. I admit, it is hard to do, but I have been going on about 2 weeks now and am starting to have improvement. I did not respond to any bladder medications or treatments. Ground flax seed meal is an excellent additon to a diet - very rich in omega 3's - especially good since I don't like fish or seafood. has very good recipes for waffles, cookies, muffins, etc. There is an excellent recipe on the back of the package for muffins that are very similar to carrot cake. Of course it would taste better with cream cheese frosting....but I am trying to get well. I know it is very labor intensive but I am committed to trying with all my might. I also want pudding, but most premaid stuff and instant has too many chemicals. I went to the argo cornstarch website and they have some good recipies too. One last thing my dr. recommended was eating 10 RAW almonds, 3 times daily. She claims there is a chemical in almonds that help with bladder pain. The almonds must be raw, not smoked or cooked in anyway. I sometimes chop them up and put them over my homemade waffles or salads. I am fortunate to be a stay home mom and have more time to devote to cooking so I know this isn't realistic for lots of people. The main point is try to reduce any artifical chemicals in the food you eat. I have three kids, with all their easter candy around, so I know it is hard to have willpower! But I am staying strong and trying to get pain free. If anyone wants to swap recipes or interested in what I eat (nothing exciting there) or what supplements I am taking, feel free to email me at [email protected].

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    I just discovered this site yesterday so I haven't tried any of the recipies yet
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      I've been trying to eat as much of an all-natural diet as possible for the past couple of years now. It's hard, but ultimately, I think things just taste better that way. To cut down on costs during the summer I try to grow a variety of herbs and veggies to keep in the freezer. When it comes to eating out, I've long been an advocate of avoiding the corporate chain restaurants in favor of local places. The ingredients at local places tend to come from more local suppliers and they don't have to meet these nationwide recipe standards. An Applebee's in North Carolina has to serve the same stuff as one in Colorado, regardless of what's in season locally. My beloved Gerst Haus, on the other hand, can go to local catfish providers and can buy their tomatoes from some guy that might just live right outside of town. My grandfather actually started selling his tomatoes to the Country Club where he works part-time as a greenskeeper during his retirement. TGIFridays doesn't do that. They have all their stuff brought in from whatever mass producer they've got a contract with.

      Besides, I find all those places like Logan's Roadhouse, Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn Roadhouse, Applebee's, O'Charlies, so on and so forth to be really monotonous. Really, how many ways can you really deep fry an onion and serve it with horseradish sauce?


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        Originally posted by Stacey65 View Post
        I just discovered this site yesterday so I haven't tried any of the recipies yet
        Maybe u can PM the URL


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          Any ideas for a salad dressing? I use crumbled feta cheese.
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          *tried instills for nearly a year, had a break then started again for about 4 months...discontinued due to no improvement and increased flares
          * 2 hydrodistentions :

          * currently on "Nabilone" for pain management

          Taken the following:
          Gabapentin no relief but could tolerate it
          Lyricano relief but could tolerate it
          Cymbalta severe depression/anxiety etc.
          Topamax severe nausea and weight loss
          Oxycodone: I could tolerate if I used it for flares only...not for extended use due to constipation

          What helps IC: yoga/meditation are my current treatments along with chiropractic and pelvic physiotherapy and acupuncture

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